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铁血使命第一部|搜索网络Xu togeher shook his head, did not answer, but looked at cao cao way: "I have proposed, let lombardi qingqi surprise attack xuchang, head and tail."To date, Lyu3 bu4 have taken refuge in the elite, but no one can be arranged into the Attorney General, that is to say, lyu3 bu4 although with them, but at the same time to these elite wariness has not been reduced, the Attorney General, is lyu3 bu4 hands to curb these elite and future generations of development of a sword.Say that finish, then want to cross the sword commit suicide, but was guo figure, every ji rushed up to block, lombardi ugly, also know some of his words said heavy, just at the moment to change his mouth, but it is difficult, cold hum 1, wave a way: "today should have beheaded you, but now is the war, kill you in morale, today and mailed in the item, expelled from the camp, will not be hired!"

But compared to zhang he, falling in grant is not optimistic, if the opponent is just d words also easy to deal with, he is most worried about lyu3 bu4 army, if a year ago, may also be able to use these words to attack lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 under lombardi, also did show a taste of courage."You take someone to the door, and the others will stay with me!" Xiongkuo sea eyes a sharp, will be in the hands of the copper rod to the ground, harsh voice: "Remember the Lord fair day is how to teach you?"Consciousness accompanied by Ma Tie constantly stirred in the hands of the wolf-tooth gun, quickly fade, endless darkness swept in, Liang Xing lost his vitality of the corpse from the horse slipped down.铁血使命第一部|"Roar ~"

铁血使命第一部|Sky, came a loud eagle cry, with a sound of joy, lyu3 bu4 looked up, the former eagle has grown up now, half a meter high body spread out wings, in the sky constantly circling.Liang Xing has killed red eyes at the moment, don't know how many conference semifinals fell under his knife, hand steel knife has rolled the blade, but he can't stop, in all directions is the enemy, once stopped, is dead.Looking at the huns warrior, kui head coldly said: "or never let him know!"

"With all due respect, Monseigneur Temujin." Murong GUI look a move, sink a track: "We are defeated by you, according to the prairie rules, we are willing to loyalty to you, but the words of Wang Ting …""Temujin, don't be surprised. When we got here, the tribe was over." See lyu3 bu4 again, step root apologize for the first time."You're crazy!" Kirby can hold a curved knife of Murong GUI, roared angrily.铁血使命第一部|




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