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牛萌萌 韩庚|黎明液压有限公司"Report to ~ report to the general, Korea hence the army has to fifty miles away!""Healthy?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Yang Qiu, smiled and shook his head. "General Yang Hugh wants to misunderstand.""Master now worry about, nothing but military forces, master account soldiers although fierce, but soldiers will be small, especially cavalry master now account cavalry less than two thousand, and to bully liangzhou, master must have a cavalry can help master vertical and horizontal world."

"No more?" Zhou Cang blankly looked at lyu3 bu4, simple head some can't keep up with the rhythm of lyu3 bu4."Shut up!" D cold hum 1, stare at Ma Dai way: "You give me remember, my horse is general Fu Bo, generation after generation to resist Hu Nu, is all war dead, also will never bow to Hu Nu."牛萌萌 韩庚|"Can 't you wait to die here?" MiaoShang finally couldn't help but roar toward the figure of lee you.

牛萌萌 韩庚|"General son filial piety a little Ann don't irritable, now our enemy is hebei lombardi, now unable to expedition lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 when to pacify." Freeze shook his head.Fortunately, the words of pound during the day caused the soldiers resonance, greatly inspired morale, YuanMen, a han army body by three qiang weapons penetrated, with ferocious color on his face, in the eyes of the enemy astonished, rose up all over the last strength on three peopleGiffin smiled bitterly and bowed his head, not to participate in lyu3 bu4 family, but in the heart is some scandal: it is really realistic.

"What are you doing?" County commandant as if to find the outlet to vent his anger, stare at the garrison way."General, what about Hande?" Many people began to rub their hands in the smell of the speech."Oh?" D raised his eyelids, looked at Pound: "I'm afraid not what good news?"牛萌萌 韩庚|





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