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好紧好大快点舒服使劲小说|脉诺通Although liu DHS itself is not wrong, this matter, he is also a victim, the meaning of the original provisions are also does not blame, but learned from pang tong liu DHS to lu bu is inconsistent, plus the shu zhong xin, this time, if liu DHS stood up against is hit from the south or the jingzhou, liu DHS in shu master connections to many, if, by the person when the time comes for them, it is a great misfortune, now let him to commit suicide, but also can save a lot of trouble, and there is no need to worry about that"In." Meng da waved, let the small school leave, turned to liu zhang a bow."Don't worry, my father told me before he came here that the trip was only to learn, only to listen to and see, and not to ask. If you have any ideas, you can consult with your elder brother privately, and no decision with your elder brother should be interfered with. The male general can testify to this!" Lu zheng smiled.

Sun quan did not even dare to think further. From then on, sun quan was even more afraid of zhou yu than his younger brother, sun yi, because he could control the military and political affairs of jiangdong.Guan yu wen yan, looked at liu bei, nodded and said, "everything is decided by the eldest brother.""I have risked my life and blood to fight for the family of liu," he said, "but liu zhang has been conspiring against my wife in the rear, and he is not loyal to me好紧好大快点舒服使劲小说|"A place where you can shut up forever." Meng da looked around, no one around, the mouth can not help but pull a sneer, eyes with a touch of disdain.

好紧好大快点舒服使劲小说|When sun ce, he single-handedly, although sun quan from think to do very secretive, but whenever faced with zhou yu, sun quan had the feeling, zhou yu know this matter, not why, may be have a guilty conscience, also may be other reasons, sun quan has been all dare not to face the week yu, also as a result, zhou yu station troops wood mulberry, never come back again, a few years sun quan also."Just died?" Tiger wei head smell speech eyes a stare, blurt out: "careful!"Liu bei did not want to fight any more in this war. So far, it seemed to be a fruitful battle, but in fact, lu bu's elite never appeared on the battlefield except at the beginning.

But others, zhuge liang but can not ignore.Although lost jiangxia, even lost guan ping's life to make Chen very angry, but did not go to his reason, in this case, can not fight."No! Zhuge liang frowned thoughtfully for a moment, the complexion became ugly: "when the army immediately! If it's late, it's dangerous!"好紧好大快点舒服使劲小说|




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