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杨天恩|九州未来科技..."No, in fact the consigliere did make calculations according to various possibilities, the most probable, as I have just said." Method is shook his head: "child Qiao Xiong, to tell you the truth, even if you really will be successful to shu liu bei, you may not have to end well, don't forget, as you move, but is equal to the treachery, even liu2 bei4 don't mind, his subordinates will be despised, milan's family will not give you dirty looks, in the end, in order to quell the anger, perhaps, you also will be a victim, why bother?"As for the official goods is simple, salt and iron are belong to folk ban the sale of things, even if lyu3 bu4, now get out of the refined salt, purified and had my own salt lake, but the trade, still be molded in the hands of lyu3 bu4, including some xiaohong, research of new consumer goods, are sold through official caravan, without official permission, the monopoly is absolutely not allowed to personal selling.

"Wouldn't that be nice? Zhou an puzzled look at zhou yu.The public smell speech, can not help is a zheng, sun jing frowns a way: "shu bi, don't be rude!"杨天恩|"Not sure." Wei yan shook his head.

杨天恩|"Look at the sky! Although zhou yu's words were plain, lv meng could feel that they were filled with excitement."As for ten years... This is the rule of the Lord, any discount will not exceed ten years, of course, ten years later, if brother son qiao can again make great achievements, still can enjoy this discount. Fazheng ran said, "it is enough to buy the ten zhangs now for the benefit of brother ziqiao in these ten years. As for the choice, it is up to brother ziqiao to weigh it by himself.""This is the result of a period of inspection of every wickedness. Wang li presented a book.

"Father, shall we leave yizhou? The world is so big, why worry about having nowhere to go?" The son of king tired took part to cry, embrace king tired way."Be." Shi guangyuan took out a ribbon from his bosom and gave it to liu bei."Nothing, Lord! ?" Gao hao looked around, concerned to.杨天恩|





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