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明星晒年夜饭|cjdao"You! Lyu3 bu4 shake head to burst into laughter way: "since come, swim along with me this camp."Yuti king not stupid, I know this is lyu3 bu4 tougher for him, even without his moon people, lyu3 bu4 can still hetao, not cooperate, the tu each king, today may be the king of the moon people tomorrow, and the moon people if not lyu3 bu4 backing behind, even lu bu not to play him, before the three the example of teamed up to attack the front end, why the Wolf qiang qiang and zero sum to give gifts? Not how severe, but because lu bu came, the two groups do not want to provoke lu bu, this truth, after the three together to attack, the king of the yue see very thoroughly.At this moment, lv bu is Chen gong, jia xu they gave the name of all forget, want to think: "this son also calculate with me, until break out now performance, called lv zheng, form anmin, I hope he can inherit my achievements in the future, foreign, internal anli!"

At the same time, thousands of miles away on the grassland, the wind and snow cover this grassland, originally, with the current climate of the grassland, no one should be in front of such a wind and snow, but in the field covered by the screen, at the moment there is a figure diffuse aimless on the grassland.A title of generals in ancient times the general office, the fighting raged, outside the door was struck, five hundred dead and more than a dozen dead and desperate rushed into the house, trying to gain a foothold, but be ready Gideon commanded, dozens of spear body will die and scored, xi bow arm in arm, continuous shooting to turn it over from the wall of the die, the general house back yard, big Joe cole anxiously watching a bunch of midwife into busy busy, but can't help you get started, only listened at the door outside the throats of heart secretly anxious.On the same day sent to one thousand army siege, Addis also know machine, the man ran, let the army closed on empty air, and she does best is to make the attack on the owl camp, battle, never is her style, but the general of the armies, hired as jingzhou is got death command, must will bring back the little wild wench, cannot but, killed on the spot.明星晒年夜饭|"Go around and don't see these people." Lu lingqi groans, dozens of women dressed in military uniforms on the road, it is really not easy to hide, anyway the purpose of this trip is not jingxiang, immediately go around the city, to the direction of nanyang.

明星晒年夜饭|See lv bu squared up, jia xu and two blacksmith hurriedly back away."Too bad." Lv lingqi sighed: "try to save it, gongsun zan and his father had a grudge, but the man died of the lamp out, such a strong man, is not worthy of death in this kind of place, feed him some wine, help him warm body."Ignore him, kill these yuan jun first!" < / p > < p > jia xu cold huming a, these people play a good plan, let the family of the dead to attack the general house, attract the attention of the city guard, and then to yuan shao troops against the city guard, as long as the city guard a defeat, took the whole chang 'an, also worry about taking the general house? Unfortunately, these tricks, also want to deceive him?

Familiar asvagrans sound sounded again, is the voice of the white dragon, the man's eyes flashed a touch of not give up, is to see me off? But following the clop of the shortness of coming, let the man and the knights of xianbei color at the same time, the silver gun you trying last force into a knight of the xianbei, chest, man has even unable to withdraw the silver gun again, this is the last blow, he is a daredevil, followed by, he is going to meet, is the other side of the curved knife, he is ready, or has been unable to go to dodge, dizzy feeling gradually swallowed consciousness, and seemed to ring a JianCu surprises.This sword is longer than the ordinary sword, only one side is opened, which is good for chopping. Some of it is like the bonobo sword in later times, but it is different and thicker."Be!" The head of the huns agreed and hurried away.明星晒年夜饭|




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