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这个奶爸有点酷养肉食狗"Hey hey, on this level, my Lord is in full bloom period, ten he can behead you!" See each other not answer, the magnificent sea hey smile, disdain way."Experience? Henton dazed, then shook his head with a smile: "city large range in the western area, only within the territory of the western regions, but not much power tiger must have the guts to Lve our army, but five is directly affected by some powers to hire transport goods, also only Rome, your frost to be eligible for these powers please five horses, and only those tasks, just can have certain risk, there is not enough price, five any team one thousand ers to a, need is almost equal to the cost of like hanzhong this small governors in a year's taxes."This is a very clever woman, also very sensible, this is also the most satisfied point of lv bu.

"I wish to be taught!" Thoughtfully, xu shu bowed to lu bu and then left.The sound of impassioned hoofs appeared at the end of the line of sight in the first light of dawn, rushing towards them with a cold, murderous, tyrannical air, and each man was clothed with a heavy cloak.A group of female soldiers finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to gather.这个奶爸有点酷"Last night several scouts were frozen to death, many soldiers are mourning." Guan yu sighed and said, "now the soldiers are eager to go home."

这个奶爸有点酷"Clatter ~"Lyu3 bu4 slightly one zheng, smile way: "I say can, then can, today start, you enter my mansion serve."Two people smell speech, nod a promise, that day noon, lv bu with li ru, jia xu and the hussars ride camp light from Jane, rushed to the state, and chang 'an interior, lu bu left the news did not reveal to the outside, lu bu still sit in chang 'an, to frighten qiang rong.

"Yi shan came back this time, many words." Listen to Yang fu's praise, lv bu smile way: "this can't quite resemble you, say, after all have what matter?"Xun you smiled and shook his head. "you are not liu biao. You can help lu bu to contain our army."Uh oh ~"这个奶爸有点酷




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