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京津冀一体化概念股luusmmLeft CAI fu, zhang yun in the city after swinging a few circles, determined that no one followed, fold into the kuai home."Put up your shield for me, archers!" Zang ba once again tried to suppress his opponent with a bow and arrow.What is not necessarily bad, but hope to restore Confucianism dominance status of Confucian, not after all have accustomed to the exalted position of Confucian, it is difficult to accept this fierce competition environment, can like zheng xuan so through the nature of things, and ambitious people say it is not much, zheng xuan in, can suppress, guide, but now zheng xuan's death urgently restore his position on the one hand, on the other hand is also feel the sense of crisis, after all, zheng xuan, represents the Confucian banner fell down.

"Good!" Wei yan grinned and waved, someone came up to take a ball, broke open Yang ren's mouth, directly put the ball in, followed by Yang ren's hands tied back: "shi yuan, next let me go, you with my signal."Cough cough ~" Chen deng pale looking at the hands of the intelligence, bitter way: "do not want that year failed to eradicate the trouble of the tiger, but now for me Chen brought such a great disaster!It may seem laborious and thankless, but if you think about it, you'll remember it better.京津冀一体化概念股CAI MAO eyes flashing crazy look, kill kill!

京津冀一体化概念股"It is not good for Confucianism to be self-respecting, but there is a reason why Confucianism has been passed down for thousands of years. Lao fu also hopes that hou, the champion, can give Confucianism a way of life." Zheng xuanshen said that this was the reason why he had to see lu bu before he died. As a student who studied Confucianism all his life, he did not want Confucianism to be eliminated completely under the suppression of lu bu.A bunch of day camp saluted waste narrowly beat a group of women with such a big difficulty, is also a great shame, follow d flew off to, then the second round clash, holds between the sea and Ezra pound, tracing the cause and gu shao in the saw many doorways, just see it, the more the mood becomes more and more heavy."Kill!" One of the soldiers gave a cold cry. The sword thrust into zang ba's body stirred it vigorously and pushed zang ba's body forward.

"Kongming said is really light, uncle to peace son to guard against jiangdong, jiangxia military horses can not leave, we should guard against lv bu and cao cao, nanyang military horses and how many can mobilize? Zhang fei unhappy looking at zhuge liang, this scholar will hu blow atmosphere, the least bit ability all have no."Send some more men down, and shut up the gate for me!" Although he was angry, his reason told zang ba that the wall could not be kept. As for fighting with the other side, zang ba did not think about it. He had not been carried away by his anger."General, why don't we take men and attack the camp by the end of the night?" "Clanged the lieutenant.京津冀一体化概念股




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