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p2p门户网站中州古筝At least lu bu in this time the battle of the xiongnu, is to wash some of their own, as for the central plains, lu bu's reputation is still rotten street."Let me hear who it is." Lv bu laughs a way, daughter sedate many, should not heel her Lao tze digs horn.Half a year's time, the camp has considerable scale, in addition to the center of the camps, out of a vast wasteland outside, this is for the workman's dependents, is to reward those craftsmen, each can be assigned to a few acres of marginal, and is not taxed the sort of, for this day and age, have to, and not, this is more than any treasure worth money, after all this land, can be passed down in the army, and only made a meritorious service are eligible was assigned to the fields, and also make these craftsmen more hard work for lu bu.

The horse shied a sound, people stand up, the man took the opportunity to gun such as electricity, will two xianbei soldiers throat piercing, followed by a body force a bullet, will be behind a xianbei knight from the back of the horse flew out, took away the other side of the horse.The Shouting from the city had gradually faded away in the rain. Lv bu did not go to the city guard. Since the general had just escaped, the matter of the city guard must have been solved.A cart of bodies were carried out from the camp, looking at these soldiers, zhang liao secretly sighed, 40,000 to the last 5,000 people are less than, these survived, should have been the most elite soldiers, the future of lv bu's army backbone, but it is a pity.p2p门户网站When pharaoh burning smell speech can not help but to hesitate, after all, Korea hence had too much, while chapter, north GongBoYu to subsequent marten, burn when Lao wang didn't care about these before, but now, with possible against him, under the condition of not more than many of the concerns in the heart, after all, by contrast, marten Korea hence become sworn brothers, however, can not hesitate to kill han sui, besides yourself?

p2p门户网站As for the captured general, is held together, mostly qiang people general, han sui's army and horses did not bring much, finally go is also very simply, so that burned when qiang people many generals are not surrender or became prisoners.That evening, liu yun and diao cicada suddenly become particularly active.

< / p > < p > lu lingqi that day in zhou cang "escort", with their results back to chang 'an, lu bu was punished for detention, a pass is more than a month, until lu bu big marriage, was released, just catch up with lu bu big marriage, everyone is busy, natural no time to deal with these things.Everyone is good. Let's put an end to this war.Lv bu does not know liu bao to recruit the means of change one's life stealthily, calculate to know, he also won't in order to chase after kill liu bao and give up to chase after kill these hun people opportunity, as long as did not have this army, calculate liu bao to regard xiongnu as the successor in the future to escape back again can how? For at least the next twenty years, the weakened huns would have to carry on with their tails between their legs.Before the fire and the impact of the later, in fact, really dead huns didn't how much, heaven rain saved the xiongnu people's life, and after the impact, in order to avoid their own life is too heavy, lyu3 bu4 first shot the enemy Lord behavior, while causing serious confusion of huns, also avoid the positive fierce fighting, the real killing, starts from the warfare of pursuit and attack, almost every moment, there are hundreds of thousands of huns under the han army to kill shot, or catch up soldiers killed.p2p门户网站




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