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ipv6概念风痛康膜Although zhuge liang thought that sun quan's suppression, the other party to rob his grain team is not likely, but as zhuge liang said, before the autumn harvest this year, he can not afford to lose, and with zhuge liang's character, even if there is a little bit of risk, he will subconsciously choose to avoid.A group of people silently withdrew from the council chamber, leaving liu zhang alone in his seat, watching the temple without god."There was some conflict, just... "Deng xian smiled sadly.

Guan yu wen yan, looked at liu bei, nodded and said, "everything is decided by the eldest brother."The emotion of hatred was suppressed by lv meng, but the seed of hatred has been rooted in the heart of every jiangdong soldier, including lv meng.Big Joe and small Joe out of the study, send someone to inform jia xu, big Joe just relieved, some clearly blame of saw a younger sister, not very angry way: "now good? I made my husband angry."ipv6概念"Clatter ~"

ipv6概念"Master... "Huang quan stepped forward and shook his head with a complicated face.No matter how, liu zhang has really lost the heart of the minister, if in the past, even if zhang ren is not, at the moment someone should stand up to refute, but at the moment, in the face of pang tong's inquiry, there is no one standing in liu zhang side."This...... What a commander!" Many of them fell to their knees and stared blankly at the direction of the camp. Many of them began to cry bitterly. Some of them also called for revenge on zhou yu.

Xing daorong helpless, can only continue to fight."Oh?" Wei yan heard yan, can not help but come to interest, lu bu's men, pang tong, fazheng, are a generation of brilliant, resourceful, large chengdu, two people play in the hands, and pang tong temperament is arrogant, whether friends or foes, but rarely he has such a high evaluation.Continued attack for liu bei, so for now, but the burden on the logistics problems, and, more importantly, the fundamental impregnability, the fault closed like a barrier between luoyang and jingzhou, that kind of feeling of despair that six months he felt more than once, even guan yu, huang zhong this several times in Athens personally led by each other under the condition of forced back, liu bei has been don't know if I should how to support cao cao.ipv6概念




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