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dnf旧日的终结|大国医骨痛双贴'no! Lv lingqi some exasperated of saw one eye huang grandfather son escape of direction, twist a head to see with zhaoyun fierce battle together of young general, slightly surprised, Yang voice way: "general good skill, can wish to be named?""Afraid of what? CAI MAO disdainful way: "lu bu is not guaranteed, and no one knows that we do, nanyang was lu bu carried away a large number of population, the thief is a lot of, say, this also have to blame lu bu, we have not enough control of nanyang, you rest assured, I will think of a way to stall that liu pan, for your time.Disorderly army, lv bu will square day draw ji 1 jilt, a dozen yuan bing are held back cut off in the waist, hear voice, twist a head to look, see however gao gan has brandished the long gun in the hand, taking the dead ambition lv bu of a resolute to rush.

Cao cao DiaoDou, stroking the body a few violent shaking, is also a pale, look down at the moment, they saw the first camp has washed out nearly half, but also help cao cao hindered the impact of the floods, make two other camps preserve, look, just the brotherhood of the Wolf also yuan jun, the heap at the moment is only on the yuan jun in front of the camp, however, have been flooding in the die, the country has accumulated nearly march get water once broke out at the moment, no horse power, the impact alone, it is enough people living shoot to death, the whole camp barriers around, all full of residual limb brokeback, most is yuan jun, But there are also a lot of cao soldiers accidentally swept in, under the squeeze of the water and the fort.Running?Although yuan shao was seriously ill, but still not dead, although ye cheng is full of the atmosphere of tension, but no matter yuan tan or yuan shang, both sides have a tacit understanding of the choice of the blockade of the news, did not reveal the matter to the outside, but the paper after all, yuan shao seriously ill news or was cao cao's spies to find clues.dnf旧日的终结|

dnf旧日的终结|In the tone, with a bandit spirit, lu lingqi followed lu bu to travel around the world, the world has been around, it can be said that the ganning, most of the property is not very clean, otherwise huang zu could not ask a question, turn around and run, will be such a member of the brutal will stay here."Lord, good into the house of shi shi, who want to plot against evil, have been all captured at the end, the rebels have been killed on the spot, the rest have been captured by the pro-guard camp, please send the Lord. Huang zhong coldly saw CAI madam one eye, bow body way to liu biao."Retreat, commander." A general spoke suddenly in the midst of a dull curtain.

No matter what era, even the modern era advocating human rights, there is also a class division, but it is not so obvious. Lu bu, who has another world soul and experience, is fully aware of this. It is unrealistic and not necessarily a good thing to completely eliminate the class."Big childe, disaster to! Guo tu complexion is gloomy and terrible, taking a few minutes to look at yuan tan cold way."Help me! < / p > < p > narrow space, long gun can not save force, guo yuan hurriedly took out a sword, crazy chopping around the shield, at the same time to the surrounding soldiers roar, but see, is to make him desperate scene.dnf旧日的终结|




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