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张卫健 张茜|邻二氯苯D is about to pursue, around zhang he QinWei has been desperate to kill up, block d's way, d angry crowns, silver gun opened and closed in hand, between the need to bull, even kill a dozen knights, just look at it, which also has zhang he figure.Xiongnu tribe, now with sites, more suitable for the tribe's status quo, numbness or cold-blooded, but compared to the central plains of women, grassland women are undoubtedly strong, when lyu3 bu4 with people back, these women have begun to collect buried corpses, and did not imagine crying."Chung-kang? What's the matter?" Cao cao raised his eyes and looked at xu chu way.

Step root at the moment to the eyes of the huns tribe, suddenly with some pity, if begging for the vole people know at the moment timuzhen ran to their nest, don't know whether to pour out regret for the nest.Lyu3 bu4 twisted his head to the sentence suddenly said: "You two can not muddy, but recently there is a war, I have to hide far away, concession degree root to fight, he is in the king's court, for me to take power in the future, after all, is an obstacle.""Ma Dai?" Falling in the grant stroked his beard: "This man is the brother of west cool general d, but don't know how to do, jun righteousness can go out of the city to fight, to explore the other side of the virtual reality, I good to wait and see on the city."张卫健 张茜|Soon, Korea hence under the leadership of the bodyguard into the tent, compared with the wind in the west cool mix of water, now Korea hence, live quite perturbed.

张卫健 张茜|Thunderous horseshoe sound, a member of the general with a large number of cavalry from the open YuanMen break in, surging cavalry like a torrent of all the annihilation in front of us, regardless of the enemy.But generally speaking, lyu3 bu4 this year's decree promotion is undoubtedly successful, and because each decree under the supervision of the Attorney General, can be well implemented in place, lyu3 bu4 regime's credibility has been unprecedented enhanced, but also won the support of the people, invisible, let lyu3 bu4 under cohesion rose to a level.Giffin came to the table, the bamboo paper spread out, eyes quickly swept over the bamboo paper.

Said, fierce eyes staring at patronage, will be in the heart of ghosts patronage to see the gallbladder hair.Although Cao Cao had few soldiers, but extremely resilient, Lombardi hundreds of thousands of troops in turn, Played for more than half a year, but is to drag himself enough, not only died general yan liang, clown, grain road was cao cao sneak attack several times, let lombardi gnash teeth, but also helpless, guandu camp by cao cao, like a tortoise shell, several storms have failed, lombardi can only give up the idea of storming."Woo ~"张卫健 张茜|





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