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仁姬应援团绵竹剑南春酒"Return to the commander." The home will swallow a saliva, nasty voice way: "last night 2 ye ambush lv bu emissary in yicheng, but be lv bu emissary behead kill, 500 army pawn also be killed scatter."< / p > < p > other several rushed up together with the general did not have much reaction, was lu bu a halbard beat to death, they even have no time to be horrified, lu bu has been sitting back on horseback, square painting halbard left split right cut, six generals did not stop lu bu for a moment, was cut off.

"Choo-choo-choo-choo ~"Guo jia, xun you, xiahou dun, yue xi, xu huang and other cao ying generals stood behind cao cao, silent.On the other side, in CAI MAO's shuai account, kuai yue frowned at CAI MAO and said, "DE GUI only gives liu bei three thousand soldiers and horses.仁姬应援团The desolate sound of horn sounded again in the camp, just returned to camp, is everywhere to eat slaves heard the sound of horn, subconsciously began to assemble, mount the horse.

仁姬应援团"The emperor's uncle?" CAI MAO wrinkled frown, now the world chaos, han dynasty decay, the imperial uncle not much, jingzhou seems to have only liu biao a royal recognition of the imperial uncle, this suddenly to the imperial uncle is from what place jumped out?More and more people poured in from the gate of the city. Zhang he could not help himself at the moment, even if he was a distinguished generalZhang he can see, these scoring the horses in the city is also traveled all the way, I am afraid, physical strength has reached the limit, but can't, really can't, even if it is physical strength has reached the limit, but the slave soldiers, spirit is extremely high, in contrast, their side, overnight melee, the soldiers have been born a weary mood, plus the energy dried up, even if people know, so, maybe death more miserable, more no sense, but so what, hammering, let alone ordinary nobody, even if zhang he, in the case of the debacle, can only go with the flow, the power of the individual in this case the small terrible, It was the first time zhang he had experienced this feeling of loneliness among thousands of troops."We just want to live! In the shrieking roar, the men frantically stirred the long gun in their hands.

"Zhong kang! Xiahou dun and xu huang stopped their horses at the same time and looked at this scene improbably. The first strong general under cao cao's command did not even support himself in the battle with lv bu."At the beginning, the subordinates thought it was only legalists, but now it seems that it was lu bu who started to prepare for it after the establishment of the department of justice. He may have invested as much money and food in the department of justice as the army, or even more." Guo jia pointed to the letter: "I'm afraid he had expected that there would be this day, the department of justice, not only in the constraints of the family, but also in the constraints of the people, but there are false accusations, equally heavy punishment, impartial."Huh?仁姬应援团




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