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周杰否认曾强吻|藏疆壮根丸Sometimes, holding people is also a kind of technical life, at least zhuge liang's words so righteous words out, liu bei is feeling from the bottom of my heart comfortable, modest two words, began to discuss with zhuge liang after taking xiangyang, how to appease the local nobles, of course, the most important thing is, how to give the military and political wealth from the nobles there to lie."Pei yi, you stay in the city!" < / p > < p > zhang liao ordered pei yi to stay in the city, he ordered eight thousand soldiers, from the main gate out of the city, although the current is not the opportunity to break the enemy, but zhang liao will not allow the cao army to take away any of the god of war crossbow.Looking at lv zheng's worried face, lv bu smiled: "afraid?"

< / p > < p > lu xun and gu shao watched this scene with great interest, they have no feeling, the generals do not look very friendly, a pair of want to make trouble, they also enjoy watching.Xiahou yuan turned his horse's head, returned to the real, a wave, the sound of the horn, a thousand troops quickly formed a square, began to circleThe archers in the rear, protected by their shields, begin to bend their bows."Commander, cao jun sent xiahou dun zhen shouchun, lusjiang tiger." Lv meng hesitated.周杰否认曾强吻|D to earlier and also lyu3 bu4 attaches great importance to a member of the generals, the cold in west, began to develop and hone d mind, show the art of war, personally lyu3 bu4 leading star under a lot of, but if we say, ride the war, before the arrival of zhaoyun, d been lyu3 bu4 first person, regardless of personal brave or command of cavalry, ride at will, lyu3 bu4 under a lot of d is the first, until the emergence of zhaoyun.

周杰否认曾强吻|But in any case, two people can't deny that, in many ways, lyu3 bu4, this has been numerous tide of recognized as mang people, has walked in complacent, thought conservative governors in front of the central plains, schools of thought contend, perhaps to have the role of Confucianism, is not a good thing, but for the whole world, schools of thought contend, is having the effect that stimulate the progressive era.Chen qun frowns a wrinkle, has the news spread?Village board on the wall suddenly appeared a square window, countless JianCu like a steel torrent, will rush to the village wall under jun was a cruel blow, in a cluster of arrows rain shield, hide behind the shield of the hand and the archer was too late to make any response becomes only a hedgehog, a dental crunch sound, pike's giant arrows in the ranks of jun ploughed up whole blood pooling and become dead zone, unstoppable jun to stun the sudden attack, someone had the charge of the position, quickly swallowed by arrows, more and more people choose to retreat, The sudden strength of the enemy's attacks and the long, thick arrows shattered the morale of the soldiers.

Lyu3 bu4 glanced at is tracing the cause of an exciting conversation with pang and gu shao, nodded and smiled: "the two people are all a hotchpotch of jiangdong talent, to the whole nature have their own views, if our troops out of the kanto, is jiangdong take jingzhou, with our military confrontation, also must joint other governors, rather than the sun quan and governors internal friction, might as well first league, with the aid of jingzhou liu table against our troops."A group of staff smell speech wry smile shook his head, cipher generally have the corresponding samples, such as the analects of Confucius, the spring and autumn period and the books, such as in the location specified in the code and then find the corresponding words in the book to, doesn't even have samples now, don't say don't know what these (same thing represents, even if know, no samples, can only be used to experiment with a book, a book, don't even know the basic meaning of symbols, now want to break, in search for a needle in a haystack, a group of staff suggest xh to give up the plan.Hanzhong britons also in this case, the subconscious to the west part of the garrison, hanzhong sandwiched between qinling and dabashan mountain, however, there is a natural barrier is given priority to, plus recently this period of time in the shu badly, hanzhong half of the troops in the south, although fear lyu3 bu4 soldier back, but only to the pass, in lu bu a total review interest is not too big.JiZhou battle began after half a month, in zhang liao is besieged yecheng, did not intend to further, after cao cao slightly relieved, spent if jizhou, bing, and quiet state three-way military forces to attack, he will have spent to jizhou district surge, spent as to abandon jizhou, that is a delusion, but mobilized qingzhou Zang his men in the north, guard against zhang liao a diversion, after dispatch xh main drive, raid from the other direction.周杰否认曾强吻|




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