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吴亦凡 100万|三板虎Xing daorong helpless, can only continue to fight."The new commander is lv meng?" Zhuge liang suddenly frowned.Deng xian and ling bao also came forward and knelt down with zhang ren.

"Why? Liu zhang frowned, for meng da to lu bu's respect some dissatisfaction, but now look at chengdu, he is afraid there is only such a person available, is wu yi, has been sick for a long time, liu zhang is now in fact no one available, looking at meng da, can only patiently listen to the other side to explain.Xingyang, taishoufu, xiagou dun listen to the song mountain to investigate the whereabouts of the missing tiger wei scouts brought back the news, unable to suppress anger, regardless of cao cao on the side, suddenly a clap on the table, shouted: "a good hypocrisy of the big ear thief!"Maybe people don't know, liu DHS general little profit, if in the guanzhong family, even with liu DHS general housework, but do a lot of money, a year can earn, as long as I have the guanzhong banner issued by the government, the silk road, is the most wicked thief to also want to stay at a respectful distance from sb, profits can at least double, and there is no need to secretly Pang tong smiled and quantified the profits.吴亦凡 100万|"I admire you, general, but... "Wang tired's second son raised his head at this moment and looked at zhang ren seriously." you have no way, and your officials abandoned it. Now liu zhang is fatally stupid, and he is in the art of tyranny. Hope general think twice! General d liu is not the first, nor is he the last You'll never finish!"

吴亦凡 100万|The method is silently shook his head, the eyes in this group of people body xun patrol, shu middle old and noble family, even liu zhang can toss them half dead, dare to steal the heart not to die, really do not know!"Sir, take a seat." Tacit understanding reached, the following atmosphere, naturally into a friendly atmosphere.In the end, wei yan let go and accelerated his march. When he and his troops arrived at the chengdu plain, wei yan was a little relieved to see pang tong setting up a village outside chengdu instead of opening the gate of chengdu to meet him.

"Liu zhang, not out to die!""Now, do what you have to do." Chen shook his arm, raised his long bow, bent it to take the arrow, and then shot an arrow at lv meng in the astonished eyes of all."Hey, what do I say? After all, he is my general, and I rely on them to keep the enemy at bay." This was the way liu zhang's voice sounded in his ears吴亦凡 100万|




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