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龙眼儿照片城管服装Looked at guan yu ballista more and more close, pound sneer at 1, a sign for men continue to shoot, at the same time a wave of his hand, after shield array, suddenly dozens of soldiers carried out dozens of feet on the ground, the horse looks like a giant slingshot, a person to higher, between two branches, one belt, whatever made, xiaohong, with elastic is quite amazing, pulled by a hook, rigidly attached below the horse out of a long pole, two soldiers, quickly remove the wooden peg will stand fixed on the ground, and others, quoted a jar from the rear, the altar has been wet, sending out the unpleasant pungent taste, The soldier stuck the jar in the middle of the belt, and guan yu's crossbow was a hundred paces away.Since everyone does not want to take over the ribbon, there is no need to carry on. Xunyou's method is indeed a compromise. Liu bei looked at the others and said, "what do you think?""This, talk with me just, but don't say in front of others, be careful to provoke to kill oneself!" He took a deep look at lv meng, and zhou yu patted lv meng on the shoulder, saying, "remember, if I do not come back, if there is something I do not understand, please consult with lu xun more. The man's ability is not under me."

The sudden arrow rain directly hit cao jun meng, this was the first time they encountered across a square to beat another square, the arrow's range, at least four hundred steps."This matter, also blame general guan." Cui zhou ping sighed, looking at liu bei said: "oil is a precious strategic material, who can think of the other side for the destruction of our army, even a large number of use, this law can not again, general guan will not be this matter too in mind.Zhang song did not use any radical words, just from the family there to get some data to report to liu zhang.龙眼儿照片"The cavalry will not be sent to you for the time being. < / p > < p > lu bu nodded a promise, now zhaoyun, ma chao is still in jizhou, together with zhang liao to hold down a lot of cao cao's forces, the north palace from the tiger roar battalion responsible for the defense of luoyang, can not move, as for the hussars camp, that is lu bu's pro-guard, and with the hussars camp won, pound is not happy.

龙眼儿照片The profit in the army, but has a lot of family of uniform, not only the profit, in warfare, even if be lyu3 bu4, this kind of thing is inevitable, but lu bu is the amount and use, all by the military to talk, no matter who, also want to start from the smallest officers, governors are different, better, the military positions look,, and also see some poor, and the family background is not qualified as a military post."Why did general han come here? Gao shun nodded, looked at han DE confused behind the army, from close to find that han DE brought almost all the troops are hu people in the western regions."I'll delay their reinforcements, remember, quickly!" Zhou yu removed the cloak from his shoulders.

"One of our own." See zhang song doubt will look over, the law is light explained a sentence."But it also left a hidden danger. Xu is sure that the news that our army had captured hanzhong was already known to the vassal." Giffin nodded, zhuge liang was walking is gradually integrate, jingzhou first under the four big families of small and medium-sized family after consolidation, again with trend, crushed CAI, according to lu bu with giffin is expected, the fastest also want to early next year to complete, although long time points, but the biggest advantage is that liu bei can complete receiving xiangyang, and by that time, because of the CAI this enemy, resources can be more smooth integration of jingzhou liu bei."Zhang ren had 100,000 troops, and he was more familiar with the terrain of shu. The roads in shu were difficult, and the strength of our crossbows was greatly weakened "龙眼儿照片





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