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周采薇王新政白马寺痛消贴"Boy?" Zhou Cang frowned and looked at He Man and said, "Leave him alone and kick him out.""Children, take up your weapons and show them that our hussars camp is not only well equipped, it is no less capable!" Male broad sea roared, cooked copper stick a swing, a captain just rushed up by male broad sea a stick swung up, smashed down a person, backhand pulled out waist axe, a wave of the left hand, a head rolled off.Kui-tou laughed. "And if the huns tribe is uprooted by the beggars, the temuzhen want revenge, can only loyalty to us, this is the best chance to accept him, as for his people..."

An enemy soldiers took advantage of the gap climbed up the wall, zhang he clearly felt, the soldier's eyes have no intention of war, some just a despair and madness, almost to their own up, suddenly fell in the dense forest of guns.Xu Sheng, Chen Xing military almost, skills are not bad, but compared to, wei yan like xu sheng more, Chen Xing body, always with some pride, let wei yan some uncomfortable, and character is also more radical, tiger fastened shut this place, or character calm xu shenglai better.Chapter Two: Zhao Yun's Choice周采薇Are you dying?

周采薇"At the end of the day!" Pound, Liao Hua two people smell speech bow way.At present, Kirby can face two main problems, whether Temuzhen will stop, or will win the pursuit, the other is his decision-making mistakes, directly led to the collapse of the five tribal coalition, he must face Murong Gui and even Tuoba Jifen cross-examination.

"Here!" Male broad sea eyes a bright, excited licked his lips, this is to launch a war rhythm ah!"You are ridiculous. How many people in the world don't know Cao Meng-te? Hurry up and tell them. They're out of date!" Xu togeher sneer at a way.周采薇




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