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光荣大地剧情介绍|参茸大补膏"Withdraw!"Well!" A group of soldiers excitedly began to clean up the battlefield."Oh?" Zhang song wen yan picked pick eyebrow: "can ever leave a name?"

The tiger firmly shut, just like water soaked in blood, up and down the wall, in the body has been cleared, in a glance, filled with dried blood, the earth was dyed brown, the wall has also lost the original look, reinforced throughout the potholes trace on the wall, the crossbow is jun's bed and out of the blue car.Chapter 76 loyaltyFace jun this deadly game, tactics is useless talk, more arrows from the wall of the constraints, can no longer as before in coverage, only single crossbows, even crossbows and crossbow to overlay the jun shoot, but it is so, after jun also cost hundreds of thousands of casualties, just touch the wall.光荣大地剧情介绍|Zhou an looked at zhou yu, his throat shook, but could not speak, finally turned into a suppressed roar, spread across the river......

光荣大地剧情介绍|Zhang fei had not had time to speak, then was a succession of arrows shot had to exit the alley, looked around, zhang fei life his deputy way: "you first take people to kill from the side into the city, first give me the bastard who set fire to kill, and I before and after the attack.And milan for the benefits of his focus only on the rule of law itself, but itself does not comply with the meaning, the liu sons also through, but neglected, even ran to tell the people will be tidy up, the beginning, really can bring a lot of interest for milan at the same time also can suppress family, but milan to reputation destroyed with not one bit, and not just for family, so, same to the people on both sides thankless, typical imitation.Dead silence, even before the enemy, but at the moment, both zhang fei and jingzhou soldiers around at the moment to look in the eyes of these men, with a strong respect, zhou yu, also for these to death doesn't even have a name of fighters, they may be a little-known, but this loyalty, was enough to set aside all grievances, heartfelt admiration, and can make these brave man death parts, you can hate him, but no way to hate him.

"One of our own." See zhang song doubt will look over, the law is light explained a sentence.Reports of the war in the central plains would come from time to time. As one of zhou yu's confidants, lv meng could feel zhou yu's recent urgency."Cloud long, how powerful are our crossbows?" "Liu bei asked in anticipation.光荣大地剧情介绍|




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