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不可思议的游戏结局|潍坊黄页"The horse! Attack!" Lyu3 bu4 will arm a shock, the small eagle coil air and top, square day draw halberd inclined drag on the ground, red rabbit horse start to trot to speed up, 10 thousand each nation cavalry also start slowly to accumulate strength.Unto him to tell the truth, and then make a decision after lyu3 bu4, zhang did not want to make what little affectations, lyu3 bu4, after all, after entering the guanzhong, not nonsense, like imagination, but under his control, the guanzhong region is quite good, since chose allegiance, he has also devoted, only this time things can't touch qing lu bu, so that the hands and feet."At present there will be a great disaster in chang 'an. The general, including the city guards under the general's command, will be temporarily taken over by xu." < / p > < p > jia xu shen way, he is responsible for the intelligence of lu bu people, in guandu cao yuan shao, lu bu's intelligence network has not been able to spread in the past, but only under the rule of lu bu, thousands of people quietly sneaked in, how possible to deceive jia xu's eyes.

"Get up first." Liu bao frowns way: "Wolf qiang?""Men have been sent to follow, and marks have been made on the way, your excellency.不可思议的游戏结局|"Why, what's he got to shout about?" Guan hai sniffed and scolded with disdain, and said to pound: "general, the end of the war."

不可思议的游戏结局|"Where's the vice President?" Lv bu swept some uneasy city guard, indifferent way."Zhou cang, take a person to return this wench to me." Lv bu black face way: "tell her, this matter, I promised!"Korea fierce cold hum 1, hold the horses, blunt past again is a dead end, a famous archer looked around the roof, Korea's leading xuan spend big axe, shout a way: "I spent is jizhou Korea, lyu3 bu4 sex of wolves, undermined the people, I wait for the orders from the commander-in-chief, counter-insurgency, army has to outside, chang 'an day can be, dost thou not at this time, when?"

"Be." A glint of excitement came into hamur's eyes. He said yes and turned to the general."Too bad." Lv lingqi sighed: "try to save it, gongsun zan and his father had a grudge, but the man died of the lamp out, such a strong man, is not worthy of death in this kind of place, feed him some wine, help him warm body."My Lord! It's the elder lady!" Among the four guards, one guard listened for a long time, it is to be able to pass flavor, take a group of female soldiers to sneak into the camp at night to cut off the head, is not that their big lady?不可思议的游戏结局|





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