风暴之王的复仇 塞穆|

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风暴之王的复仇 塞穆|读职高学什么技术好Liu bei frowned, still feel some wrong, but the specific how wrong, can not say, finally helpless shake his head, said: "kong Ming resourceful, according to kong Ming's idea, divided the army to attack shu, but if things can not be violated, should not force."Can't beat a dog with a stick?" Meng da smiled and looked at liu zhang and said, "how many of those families are clean? Why not buy a few unruly people, out to correct the family, when the time comes, these things are not the Lord Lord to say who is guilty, can."Commander pound of the shooting battalion under lv bu!" "The scouts bowed.

"There are only 3,000 of them. Lv bu reminds way.There is no doubt about the importance of sichuan and shu. Sichuan and shu were an important part of zhuge liang's plan. After zhuge liang left, liu bei remembered why it was wrong.'and two! Huang zhong turned his horse's head and looked at the red-faced sun yi with a sneer: "if you hold on to both sides, you will win."风暴之王的复仇 塞穆|"What the Lord says is wrong." Zhuge liang shook his head and said, "I don't know when the great war will be over. If we go to shu again after the tiger is destroyed, we will wait for the Lord to calm down the middle of shu.

风暴之王的复仇 塞穆|"You...... Cheat me!!!!!!!" Zhang song complexion one change, glower law is."Huh? Zhang fei dumbeyes, incredible look at zhuge liang: "that I do?"

"Poop-poop poop-poop ~"< / p > < p > on the other side, guan yu with hundreds of residual troops back to jingzhou army battalion, liu bei saw guan yu a face embarrassed back, and then did not speak, directly fell on his knees in front of liu bei, not surprised: "cloud long, why so?"Very good, if you want to live, then do as I said, this commander will never make it difficult for you, and even after the matter is finished, to give you a promotion jin jin! Zhou yu indifferent way.风暴之王的复仇 塞穆|




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