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明升推荐雷乐汇|爱水牌家用洗碗机"You are wenpin! ?" Zhou cang's voice suddenly raised an octave, shock wenpin eardrum ring, puzzled to see zhou cang.Come back to life?Chen gong smiled and said, "go and see the guest."

If we had taken a longer route, we could have crossed the river in a shallower part of the river, and even the horses would have been able to cross it directly."With this, there's no need to worry about missteps." Zhou cang hey smile way: "the Lord Lord tube this call horseshoe."< / p > < p > lu lingqi was about to enter the camp, the majestic sea came to the front, hurriedly bow way: "ling qi met uncle xiong!"明升推荐雷乐汇|Now, only zeroqiang is left.

明升推荐雷乐汇|Sound loud and nodded. "hundreds of career, but internal burning when, with a soldier, lyu3 bu4 itself is just a handful of many, although the han sui, but the west is cool and harmony state, now would not be able to stay in the army of thousands, if lu bu clever, this time shouldn't be thinking about how to intervene in the world, but grooming itself.""Met on the road, wanted to take us, he had contact with the young lady, so conveniently brought him." Zhou cang took a look at wenpin but didn't pay much attention."Ah." Pang tong laughed, turned his head and glanced at four female soldiers, raised his head and pointed his nose hair at the waiter: "this chang 'an is a capital of several dynasties. I think your restaurant is quite elegant in this street, but you don't even have tea?"

"They withdrew themselves, king." The general looked dazed.'what's the matter? Yueyi wang incredible stand up, rushed to the outside of the curtain, but see before the outside into a piece of felt package, in addition to a mess at the moment, has disappeared.Oooh oooh oooh"Why is that? Cao cao puzzled to see guo jia, gao shun, zhang liao is lu bu's most elite two troops.明升推荐雷乐汇|





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