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殫勸さゆき|鴬胆銘妛珪伴付起"What a quick reaction!" Zhang fei had to give up the plan of attacking wei yan, began to command the soldiers who had just gathered to rejoin the battlefield."By you!" Wei Yanwen disdainfully shook his head: "The defeated general, Ann dare to speak bravely.""Don't worry, in addition to wang yuan, cheng fang that two, the other three have promised, tonight you just wait until we enter the city, blockade four doors, to prevent the lyu3 zheng escape." Xie Chengleng snorted.

After a few provocations, see yan yan is stuck, wei yan almost a fire, fortunately was Deng Xian timely organization, although now autumn, it is a good time to set fire, but shu can be different outside, if this fire really boil, how many innocent don't say, they themselves also have to be trapped."Crossbow down!" Although it is not clear where the sudden emergence of the brute force came from, but now is not the time to consider this issue, if let these brute force rushed in directly, the damage caused is not small."Ma Su?" Ignoring the pale-faced people of the family, his eyes turned to Ma Su, although in the inquiry, but in the words, has been very sure.殫勸さゆき|"Although there are no elite troops, but we still have hundreds of shu army here, enough to deal with the bore is clear, long elite military forces are waiting to chase the enemy."

殫勸さゆき|"Hey ~" Wei Yan sneer at 1, also don't nonsense, a wave of his hand directly, instantly hundreds of arrows toward zhang fei."Sit down!" Xie Cheng discontented glanced at his nephew, cold hum a track.He will withdraw from the song, reorganize the army, and then with jiangdong military forces.

"Guns and horses are very skillful, and martial arts are not under general yan yan." Shu will reply.They looked at lu zheng in horror, it is hard to imagine that seems not strong body, unexpectedly contains such a terrible force.As it now appear, What I did, Just like giving lyu3 bu4 a free advertisement, Now lyu3 bu4 will print out a take, the authenticity of the seal needless to say, and at this time, cao cao sent troops, a division unknown, second, just played a big battle, is the central plains population, also can't withstand that consumption, in a short time, even if cao cao cao heart with lyu3 bu4 dry again, also can't stand it.殫勸さゆき|




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