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高端装备概念股茶酵母"Nonsense! Without going to see the battle report handed over, lu bu stood up, his massive body standing in front of a group of female soldiers, even if these women are also experienced in many battles, but in the face of the moment lu bu unconsciously send out the momentum, still unbearable....Before dawn, the sound of galloping hooves broke the tranquility of changan city. For the people living in changan, they turned to sleep again after making sure that the sound of hoofs was not a threat. However, the senior management of the whole changan city was completely awakened by the sound of hoofs.

"General, this... "The deputy general came to zhang liao's side and forced his fear into his heart.Lyu3 bu4 light sigh, this year by the time the war is too much, now into the autumn, even if built workshop, also can't promote, but it doesn't matter, after next year to lay the hetao, acquire the material greatly in harmony is cool and hetao will windmill built first, in the third year of grain productivity can be improved better."Wise Lord! Jia xu nodded with a smile.Tongzhou, shangdang, zhang he daying.高端装备概念股, as for the artisan camp began, months before the attack on the big break Korea fiercely rhubarb crossbows, is sent out from here, there is a title of generals in ancient times the armor of camp armor, that's a lot of envy to general equipment, in addition the windmill, the plow, a steady stream of some to improve the efficiency of farming tools were made to, or sold, or as a reward into the folk, this year has no effect, because of artisan camp set up too late, these tools to send out, basically is the autumn harvest season, but next year should play a role, as to how much, no specific reference, all want to out of thin air, they also could not give an accurate answer, We won't know until next year's harvest.

高端装备概念股"That's true." Lyu3 bu4 smiled, this girl should have to dismiss yourself, in your own words shake head a way: "blanc is successful, the world would say I have no knowledge of the Ming, but if it is will be with you, even if you proved his ability, but the world also only will say I am lyu3 bu4 under, it's not just me a person's face, but involves the faces of the PLA soldiers, if you are successful, let them what about me?"Five hundred strong men in helmets and armor stood in awe on the school yard under the scorching sun. In the workshop in front of them, the fire was burning in the furnaces, and the heat wave was so intense that even if they were still some distance away from the school yard, they could clearly feel it.Chapter 52 the return of lv bu

"Quick, go east! The side of the liu meng see shape hurriedly loudly openings shout: "before the fire spread over, must rush out of this meadow!"The next morning, zhang liao summoned li kan and asked him to take an army from han sui to linzi to carry grain and grass."Broken! Pang tong patted his head and said, "without discussing the situation in the city of chu, it would be difficult for us to seize power if the xianbei people were also in the palace."高端装备概念股




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