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42crmo 苏州瑞友钢铁小二哥点菜宝"Kill!" Korea hence side, a group of QinWei quickly formed a formation, block in front of d, around Korea hence brought military forces also dauntless toward d led by the army to kill."Xu thought, March time, is enough. Giffin said slowly.Eighty zhang, has been to the edge of the pit, with the setting sun gradually set, gallop in the huns can't see the crisis is approaching, irreversible head into the trap dug up in advance.

Of course, people are divided into 369 classes, Liu Bei's identity and fame, Orion's practice is worth transmission, but this is also the reason why the Legalists are not popular, if according to the Legalists' theory, it is really the son of heaven and the common people commit the same crime, obviously touching the interests of the scholar-bureaucrat class."Here!" Hande bowed down and began to arrange patrols and reconnaissance, while the rest looked for a place to rest."Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the giffin's face, stretched out his hand to take the letterhead, hurriedly looked at it again.42crmo 苏州瑞友钢铁"Mr Wen He smiled, this is a little girl, there is a han named Yang Xi, Xi Er, this Mr Wen He is the top of the han Chinese wise man, that year is to have him mention a point, just have me white water qiang today, also don't visit." Yang Wang laughed.

42crmo 苏州瑞友钢铁Rapid hoofs of horses broke the quiet rain, dark night, a tiger cavalry is crazy in the rain to run.The fierce battle was complicated, But from lyu3 bu4 and xiongnu warrior confrontation, red hare, lyu3 bu4 blow cut will, this series of sinister clash just happened in a breathing time, there is not relieved to call kitchen spring, then see lyu3 bu4 has instantly even cut two will, again rushed toward this side, immediately ghosts are risking, no longer care about other, turn the horse's head and ran."Yesterday the west cool shadow who fast horse came the news, recently with frequent mobilization of troops, I'm afraid marten with war, imminent." Giffin not disease not xu way.

"Seibel said good." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, sink a track: "Millions of people, concerning the future of our army, can not afford to lose, we avoid this war is inevitable, but will be destroyed, over will win the world!""Since you can 't keep it, attack instead of keep it!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum, eyes swept under the people, sink a track: "It is not only about the rise and fall of our army, but also about the west cool, guanzhong, millions of people! We retreat, everything is over, this war, is dead, also want to fight!"Zhong yao smell speech, Can not help but smile shook his head and said: "Lyu3 bu4 into the world, Xuzhou defeat, five hundred fighters, but lien chan, all the way governors were beaten, the embroidery even the foundation was taken by lyu3 bu4, how fierce, his soldiers, not only ride well, also know how to deal with cavalry, I have heard de rong (both table word) said, the general unexpectedly to cavalry against each other according to horse array, even if can win, I'm afraid it is miserable to win! "42crmo 苏州瑞友钢铁




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