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太深了已经到底了h|高价回收光缆"Lao wang, we must attack first. If han sui really turns against us, I'm afraid his troops are already close to our camp!" Agouri's fierce grip in the hand of the machete, a desperately posture."Some generals, a han man came over and said he wanted to see Lao wang." A qiang soldier trotted over and said to several generals."No!

Time is in this unspoken waiting and busy in a little over, until a loud cry woke up thinking of lv bu, a stable woman opened the door, rushed out to lv bu smile: "congratulations general he xi general, lady for the general born a childe."Zhou shu, cao cao and yuan shao now face off in guandu, the rear garrison is empty, xuzhou and how many soldiers? What's more, we are not a frontal attack, the odds are quite high." Lu lingqi patiently explained.Dostie while alive, but also is limited to a few people around you know that others see wearing his armor was shot, natural as boss is dead, this time, let alone dostie dare not, even if he, also was not used, a debacle, in a rout in the army, under the condition of a person's strength is infinite small, dostie apparently not lyu3 bu4 that appeared on the battlefield can quickly restore morale ability and prestige, though unwilling, can do now is just a group of around kiss who, along with the crowds away.太深了已经到底了h|But the dead, mostly some elderly women and children, the body has been unable to withstand the invasion of the cold.

太深了已经到底了h|"This is the strategy of our han people," he said. Hey hey...... "Rare ye second article, to the end can not go on, the army han embarrassed smiled and said:" the han sui under the general, in fact, in the forecast did not prepare to catch, there is a li kan is enough, who knows in the chaotic army was surrounded by your people, tomorrow also have to find a way to put him back.The camp, Addis nature is not the first time, had been built, lyu3 bu4 decided to trained soldiers here, Addis toward the side once, often secretly steal lyu3 bu4 method of training, that women can train properly, here at lyu3 bu4 stealing something many conceptual and Addis some of his own understanding, is now the night owl camp, though the palace people such as Chen seems still is nonsense, but the night owls have used real combat proved his ability and value.At that moment, Chen gong opened his mouth. Lu bu, who was already on horseback, suddenly looked back at Chen gong and said, "will they start fighting today?"

"Be." A female military doctor, who was also equipped with armor, came forward and broke the cluster of arrows on the shoulder with a dagger, pulled out the shaft and poured some wine on the wound. The man was in a coma and his body twitched several times.太深了已经到底了h|




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