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美竹铃|思兰朵焕颜祛斑霜Shield armour above the heavens, and there is no god god very strange things, although look a little fantasy, but beyond the fate of these things ordinary people difficult to understand the special dun armour, astrology and feng shui, is from China based on the theory of Yin and Yang five elements derived, if use modern words, this is a book on the metaphysics, and is not a guess, perhaps in the lack of theory, it is after numerous practices developed in Yin and Yang five elements theory in the practice of a business, even if some of these things, to use some mechanics formula on later generations, as applicable, is the crystallization of the wisdom of Taoism."Zhang liao was appointed as the general of zhenbei, gao shun was appointed as the general of zhenxi, zhang yi and jiang su were appointed as the general of xiliang and the governor of the same prefecture. Ha ~" cao cao couldn't help laughing at the contents of the paper and said, "although I didn't ask for any official posts for myself before, these positions of real power were all controlled by his inner circle."Wonderful!" Cao cao was a military master of the time, and naturally he could feel the extraordinary in it. He smiled and said to the people, "with these two treasures, the cavalry's ability can be improved by at least 30%.

"That please high general return to bohai sea as soon as possible, again adjust 50,000 elite troops to come to support the battle, as to go to qingzhou to appease the people of all generals... "Yuan shang thought for a while and said," let's go from zang hong.The guards at the door said yes and ran out as fast as they could. In a short time, zu su was led up by two guards, but he was not tied up.Today's remarks do not prove that lu bu is more intelligent than xu shu, but open a door for xu shu to think out of the traditional Confucian way of thinking and to think from a different Angle.美竹铃|The bloody head was hung high above the yuanmen of the military camp in yecheng. The blood had dried up, but the people could not help but be excited to watch, especially from the property, land deeds and real estate obtained from the imperial prefect's house, listed clearly outside the yecheng government, and most of the financial, indeed returned to the owner.

美竹铃|Filled with a bloody atmosphere in the air, countless people nervous helpless shier shrink in the home, such a scene, how long has not appeared? In my memory, even though yuan shao had taken over han fu's occupation, he basically took ye city without bloodshed. Since the yellow scarf, there had been no war in ye city for nearly two decades."Dead!" Zhang he's face sank like water when he saw the huge sea hit him with a stick. He did not pay any attention to the copper stick that could shatter his brains. In his hands, he thrust the steel gun into the huge sea with a crushing momentum."Oh?" Lv bu looked at the paw print of jiang lost in his face with a smile. He looked down at his child with a curious look in his arms and said, "if you want to come, this child has some aura. What's his name?"

"With the help of the old general, I think zhang liao will soon be broken." Yuan xi a smile intention between the table an old man frequently toasted.Chapter 41 jingxiang fengyun (iv)美竹铃|




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