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惠美梨作品|苏州期货开户Speak, clap dance rob came, silver gun in the hands of a thorn in the air, unexpectedly stabbed at the same time nine cold awn, this recruit, in the marksmanship has a very good name, called cloud dragon nine now, is the perfect combination of marksmanship and speed can be put out."Each leader, stationed outside the city, not will make, can't step into the city!" Lyu3 bu4 turned and dismounted, to pound and other humanitarian: "a title of generals in ancient times camp with me into the city!"Cao Caowen nodded, ordered people to do more attention, now, he also didn't have too much energy to spend too much energy for a liu bei, even if it is hidden trouble, that is also in the future, now the biggest trouble, or lombardi.

Kui head, lan zhan looked at lyu3 bu4, cold eyes, flashed a touch of cold, then turned into a burning heat.Giffin smell speech, look at lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 looked at d, d undiscouraged and lyu3 bu4 looked at each other, for a long time, lyu3 bu4 nodded: "you can lead the troops, but everything, when the text and mainly.""Huh?" Sentence suddenly blankly looked at lyu3 bu4, don't understand what this has to do with what he said.惠美梨作品|"If you go any further, your excellency, it will be Hetao. Aren't we going to make a detour around Yinshan?" The next day at dawn, lyu3 bu4 with five thousand troops appeared on the edge of the mountain, a few xianbei generals finally found wrong, together to find lyu3 bu4.

惠美梨作品|"Jun righteousness don't want to see that lyu3 bu4 how fierce, he can vertical and horizontal grassland, northwest, that is because of the terrain, lyu3 bu4 ride unparalleled, siege is not necessarily how strong, otherwise also won't be cao cao out of the central plains, we just need to keep the city, that lyu3 bu4 is a great ability, also don't want to cross the thunder pond." Falling in grant is calm many, the more adverse the situation, as counselors, must ensure their own calm mind, since lyu3 bu4 has arrived, fear also appears superfluous, surrender is naturally impossible, the rest, also only world war I."Well, Wang Zuocai..." After a moment of silence, lyu3 bu4 waved his hand: "tube hai things, step up contact, see if that zhang yan has any hope of wooing, today is the first to here, meng qi, ling ming, you two people these days to step up training military forces, ready to go to war, all scattered."The whole western xianbei, with the new command of daxi, ministries have begun to operate, accompanying cattle and sheep have begun a batch of outward transportation, the elite ministries are also rapidly assembling to jinlianchuan.

"Yes, I do!" Xu chu touched the forehead, looked at the shoes on the ground, picked up a pair of shoes to follow cao cao chased out."Want to seize the khan, king's twenty thousand military forces you must first hand, otherwise, the first death of kui, riot king's army I'm afraid the first to kill is to start rebellion you, what are you going to do?" Lyu3 bu4 against the edge of the bed, looking at the self-righteous woman.Looked at the direction of mayi, lyu3 bu4 with all returned to the camp, a title of generals in ancient times camp after the wounded settled down, will be a sad face of He Man called: "What happened? Why the old male to stop marching?"惠美梨作品|




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