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古今船长故事新闻台湾渔乐Compared the zhangs' is not established in the shu, huanghe river can become a family of one hundred, the precipitation in the shu dynasty is much thicker than the central plains, central plains, after all, although busy, but is close to the emperor, the so-called accompany such as with the tiger, although easier to riches and honour, but also easy to property out, and different in shu, mountain is high and the emperor is far away, in this case, hundreds of years, have a family, and even some old family existed from the pre-qin period, and even earlier, like the zhangs' family in one hundred, if in the central plains, is already a big family, I'm afraid, but in the shu, status is awkward.Gao shun frowns: "our soldiers enough, why call up hu bing?"Who knew that the army was about to go to war, but zhuge liang held him down, in zhuge liang's view, it is obviously more important to beat the shu than to pick up lu bu, a big truth down, in order to eldest brother's inheritance, zhang fei put down his temper.

"Why...... "After determining the true and false character, gao shuncai life switch, put these soldiers in, looking at a big waist round soldiers in the western regions, gao shun dont understand the way."Bang bang bang ~""This battle will not be easy to fight!" Looked at the back of one party, liu cycle, the guanzhong was excellent, members of the elite, was beyond his imagination, it is still in the field, if the other party relying on the tiger fastened off the wall, follow liu can't imagine how to play this battle and was qin unify the whole country, is relying on strong GongJin crossbows, legend, qin crossbow can penetrate the range of nearly eight hundred steps, as far as now, lyu3 bu4 crossbow though haven't reached the point of the terror, but even six hundred steps, has far exceeds the central plains the governors of the crossbow.古今船长故事新闻"I'll delay their reinforcements, remember, quickly!" Zhou yu removed the cloak from his shoulders.

古今船长故事新闻"Mr. Brave question is... "Xun you doubt the Chou shi guangyuan.

"Nonsense! Wei yan again clap clap table, angry way."Be careful! Shield hand shield!"Looking at lu xun, zhou yu sighed and said, "if jingzhou is attacked, jiangdong still has a chance to win the world championship. However, if it joins the alliance of vassal states, jiangdong will be defeated no matter whether it wins or loses."古今船长故事新闻




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