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我要变成硬柿子第二部海啸来袭游戏机Say that finish, palm flag make also wait for zhang lu to reply, turn horse head to return to this array."Why do you ask? Lu lingqi stared at pang tong and said, "I can tell you, the master of guang 'er has already decided. Don't think about it."The purpose of zhuge liang's visit was to persuade some princesses to surrender with the influence of liu bei and the connections of zhuge's family, gradually isolate xiangyang and make xiangyang a lonely city. Even if CAI MAO had the ability to reach the sky, he could not turn over waves.

"Poop-poop ~""God shoot, general!" The pioneers roared with excitement, brandishing their weapons."This...... "Liu xie frowning way:" not liu not king, this is the rules laid down by the ancestors, so practice, not against the ancestral system?我要变成硬柿子第二部Zhaoyun shook his head, looking at the hero building outside the traffic, the eyes suddenly set.

我要变成硬柿子第二部Liu didn't speak, but took a pen on paper drawing, long sighs: "the furthest out of the blue car is projectile three hundred steps of our army, is set up TuTai, most also however three hundred and sixty steps, far less than the enemy giant crossbow, and want to build in the enemy giant crossbow cover TuTai extremely difficult, but not as good as direct step will be out of the blue car to three hundred range."Perhaps, but once the war broke out, at least now the performance of things, lu bu does not have an overwhelming advantage, because his hand extended too long, the central plains have not been unified, has reached the hand beyond the Great Wall and even further places, such as the Roman empire, guishuang country, guishuang also heard, but Rome...... Tracing the cause and gu shao is also afterwards just know, so-called Roman empire is daqin, middle distance have a far-away place, lyu3 bu4 have with all sorts of non-military means to there is a certain influence, but also as a result, the forces of lyu3 bu4 very scattered, so when the militarily, may not take much advantage.

But the future imperial examinations is a general trend, otherwise lyu3 bu4 wouldn't push forward the third, but also never thought for management talent preferential treatment in policy, management talent, to put it bluntly, is the distribution of wealth, and the foundation of a country, the batch need is to create wealth, is the industrial, commercial, agricultural, and management talent, just enough."My uncle has important business to attend to, and I shall be off first." Lu xun and gu shao xiangyang fu arch arch way."Yes." Civil strife, falling grant nodded: "jingzhou mess, jiangdong sun quan to grapple with, since jingzhou cannot figure, our station troops to central plains can be front of luoyang, can make general zhang liao spent since jizhou south, the bohai navy baiting qingzhou along the river again, if can jiangdong in hefei, can't corresponding necessary fore and aft in cao cao, again from luoyang advance troops, hitting xuchang, Cao Caoke broken, governors has also natural collapse."我要变成硬柿子第二部




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