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ksdef翔彩Can be pressed by the enemy only with the momentum of the commotion, the morale of the army down, is not the mob? But lv bu does not have any method temporarily, so-called elite, pass a field to win namely, the self-confidence that piles up still has pair of victory desire, be like the yue shi now, they desire victory, desire honor, desire harvest, it is this kind of desire, let them stand firmly behind lv bu.Originally should be toward their own situation, do not know when to start quietly reversed.

< / p > < p > ride the general's door has been smashed, the dead are still trying to kill in, but was liao hua with people to stop, when lv bu arrived with the troops, the battle has come to an end, the hussars camp with lv bu a command, will be the remaining dead all the number of kill.Charming from righteousness, Addis natural not strange, all for the motherland, the tiger firmly shut, lyu3 bu4 though almost the sun hae-chan killed, but for the repeatedly hit the conference semifinals cavalry, fellow BianJun lyu3 bu4 or rather appreciated, before sun hae-chan lost lombardi, died of self-immolation in yi jing, white horse from righteousness, also became a thing of the past.'be rude to my young lady, take it away! Cang cold hum 1, before the message, saying that article is JingXiang star, although don't know how to use, but if caught, but cannot put so to run, the line of men with hired away in the direction of the new item, leaving a dead bodies, such as xiangyang loyalist found, where there is cang et al.ksdef"General xie han! Family members hurried to thank.

ksdefCang and fifty soldiers under the guidance of Addis walked in silence of the stockade, as if place oneself in a death, is the derived veterans, watching the pretty girl just quietly drilled into a famous mountains behind a thief, a skillfully to cover each other's nose and mouth, a dagger in the neck, slip away the blood welled out quietly, so big star silent dead, also feel the neck."The Lord is at ease." Jia xu nodded, chang 'an chaos, so far is over, the next is to appease the people some trivial things, jia xu and Chen gong in, these problems are not difficult.It was only by virtue of the strength of linrong that the city of tu guo gradually became the climate. Moreover, these han people were better at guarding the city than the slaughter people.

Volume four the horse steps the Yin mountainSummer morning breeze blowing ma chao should have been young but has appeared some vicissitudes of the cheeks, looking at the vast distance of the earth, the heart of the depressed gas but not subsequently and cheerful, but more and more, finally into a tear nine clouds roar, broken the quiet of the morning.Chapter 18 the war eagleksdef




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