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沈志明演过的电影|帮兴"Master, big ah!" Xu togeher smugly took out the letter from his arms, dedicated to lombardi."Afraid of you!" Coss was wei yan yesterday, at the moment successfully ambushed to Chen Xing troops, finally out of the chest a malevolent, smell speech without hesitation clap dance knife, toward Chen Xing killed.Dozens of HeGan warriors roared toward each other, but the other side turned a blind eye, will be a cluster of arrows at the HeGan clan leader, an arrow like a shooting star, HeGan clan leader afraid of the other side of the fierce, is about to ride away, but heard a tear sound behind the ear, accompanied by the people around the heart-rending cry.

"Don't think about it, don't you really want to rely on your more than three hundred people, rebuild the huns? That is impossible, to join the king's court, by the power of the king's court, you can get what you want, right, beauty."Yinshan, xianbei king's court, kui head with hundreds of defeated soldiers, embarrassed to return to the king's court, to now, kui head still don't know why he will be defeated, the sky is gloomy, with an unspeakable repression."Patriarch, that huns sent for us to hand over the huns slaves." He cadre fall, the patriarch is enjoying the soft body of the maid, an inappropriate voice outside the tent.沈志明演过的电影|"Yes!" Muronggui although some dissatisfaction with Kirby can now flourish, but related to the safety of their own tribe, this time also chose to support Kirby can, as for TaBaJi powder, already good with Kirby can, at the moment nature is unconditional support.

沈志明演过的电影|"Eldest brother rest assured, they dare to do anything wrong, I will let them know the majesty of the king's court!" Step root eyes flashed a wiper machine, promised to 1, stride away.Coss smell speech, flushed, anger hum 1: "our army is far from tired, not durable war, let you have a city today, not with you, the next day to find your bad luck!"

Take a deep breath, country wry smile way: "After this world war, xianbei chaos, internal strife will continue, I'm afraid no one in the world dare to call him three surname slaves, master in the future, will also be a major enemy!"Of course, also just complain, to say the truth, not yet, lyu3 bu4 has ordered the armed forces, wei yan leapt into guarding the river of general, this makes wei yan very excited, general, after all, to get merit on the battlefield.Thinking of these things, lyu3 bu4 but always pay attention to the movement of xianbei people, those scouts patrol route, time, has been lyu3 bu4, time, also in this silent, but depressing in the long wait, bit by bit in the past.沈志明演过的电影|




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