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我爱蔡枫华刁矮子膏药"A seal?" < / p > < p > a group of burning when hao shuai wen yan eyes flash a touch of hope, han's position as a duke but very high, as for how high no one knows, but as if the old dong zhuo is a duke."Han sui had defected to my master, but no CunGong, so he is first huns, let the xiongnu king Fielding empty, make my master can enter, and then through the camp, the huns constantly consumption and your strength, and now, the huns, next, as long as will as to solve the burning, han sui can directly into the general working for my master!"

"Don't worry." The abjection scribe stabilized once mood, in the eyes of the hatred, shook his head, xiao suo said: "tomorrow I will leave chang 'an, will not cause trouble for your excellency, help your excellency bright future.""I am zhang he. Who are you?" Zhang he gave a cold groan. Although the attack was not good, he could not lose his momentum. However, his eyes fell on lu bu, who had spent some time under yuan shao's command in his early years."Husband, what's the matter? Liu yun puzzled along the eyes of lv bu looked at, what did not see, puzzled to ask.我爱蔡枫华"I don't know your name, so I can recommend it to the Lord." Jia xu waved his hand, and fa yan's smile was even more embarrassing than not smiling at all.

我爱蔡枫华"Then liu bei defected to cao cao and fought his way back to xuzhou. Then he defected from cao cao and recaptured xuzhou. Lu lingqi glanced at zhaoyun and shook her head. "take care of yourself," Keats said. "it's a miracle that you survived.""Oh?" Zhang got his head off and said, "how many soldiers and horses?"At the same time, a tribe of huns outside, just out of the tribe of the huns soon suddenly by three different dress, obviously not from the same group of people, one of them skillfully tied his hands and feet, a set of people took out a bag, sneaking a look at the direction of the tribes, dragging continues to roll bag and ran.

Wolf qiang, first zero, qin hu, must be taken step by step.The distant sound of hooves seemed to be more distinct, and the man's bright eyes shone with a strange light, though he could not see the position of the other, he was still hearing and shooting like a meteor."Aguri, didn't you say that han sui surrendered to the han in secret? Why are the han people helping us fight hansui now?" < / p > < p > a few burning qiang generals see ran han sui, and did not pursue, after all, zhang liao now do not know is the enemy or friend, rashly pursue, if zhang liao in turn to kill them can be bad.我爱蔡枫华




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