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小次郎是男是女|本草唇净膏"Is that the ride of lv hussars?" Lu xun and gu shao were surprised.However, there is no denying that lu bu has achieved what many ancient sages dreamed of doing -- to come to the throne, and more importantly, he is not the emperor, but he accepted this honor, which is a blatant trespass!

, cao cao is not got the first in lyu3 bu4 hands, since the battle of xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 under the wall, two stars who kill joy into, cao hong, and then the battle of changan killed his brother Cao Peng, more let cao cao had to be done at the time of take GuanJue in zhong yao, and find let lyu3 bu4 have quashed the guanzhong, west cool, in the name of the now added, freeze, Xu Ding, cao cao in this life warlord, if the theory of the loss of important general, I'm afraid most is in the hands of lyu3 bu4 losses, something important will be embroidered zhang zhang also calculate on lyu3 bu4, together with lyu3 bu4 say that cao cao now are sworn!Carefully looked up at Mrs CAI one eye, see her face and not too much angry look, only helpless way: "just that Yang fu too hateful, since yicheng, on the fanfare, make everybody knows, if at this time start, brother-in-law will not be willing to rest."Lyu3 bu4 say with smile: "Montenegro thief although so-called millions, but distributed throughout the taihang mountains, zhang yan is not possible to millions of people together, and that more than millions of Montenegro thief is sick, I worked in lombardi with Montenegro thief lineup, there was great army of Carthage, zhang yan also mobilized tens of thousands of people to fight, however, is a difficult and 2 of the paper is in the mountains is unsustainable and even if he really have one million people, also can't both use, as to how to deal with, will stay the night owl camp intelligence spying on clear say again."小次郎是男是女|Pang tong couldn't wait to read the book. He didn't even see lost jiang when he left, but his face became more and more ugly.

小次郎是男是女|"Keats obeyed." Keats nodded and hesitated. "it's just that the Lord has been too cruel to a group of women."Zhang he looked at the crowd and smiled suddenly. "if I see you underground," he said, "someone will take your place.

"Of course, isn't it written?" The captain patted the placard beside him.This is not alarmist, think lu bu in chang 'an first year, how many nanyang people in the winter was frozen to death alive? That is still nest in the home, meng jin jingzhou soldiers can not much winter reserves, the cold and frozen with acclimate, not to say all frozen to death, but also can be frozen to lose combat effectiveness, how with lu bu under the command of these strong soldiers?"So soon?" Lyu3 bu4 jie4 mei4 yi3 xuan, from lyu3 bu4 to invade jizhou to now, also only half a month time, and this side of news even if the first time spread to xu chang, and then call up troops, also far not 15 days time can come over, unless, cao cao has already been ready.小次郎是男是女|




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