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海王满h桑葚产地"Master." Ezra pound frowned: "although we had contradictions with changan lyu3 bu4, but was also fooled by cao thief, will be willing to personally go to huaili at the end of the seibel Chen Ming, if let Korea hence to the west cool, even before long, changan also have to suffer, and heard that the doctor hua tuo is in changan, if you can get him to help, general iron's injuries can also be rescued.""Yuan Shao?" Marotta eyes flashed a sneer: "It is sent to send some hay trench, but also sent Hanoi general zhang he station troops on the party."RiLe sink a track: "Do you know that the han Chinese master will be who?"

Zhong yao nodded, looked at li bao, smiled and said: "I don't know general wen long sent general li here, what's the matter?""And the candidate?" Hear the qiang will call, d face moderated some, light asked.Riverbank, with seibel army step by step, can stand less and less figure, seibel ready to gush up, annihilate the group of jun remnants of iniquity, in the distance on the road, a burst of dust, and a military forces rushed this way.海王满h"Ma Tie general sores have suppurated, must cut off the flesh near the wound, can heal, in addition, Ma Tie general bumps all the way, caught the wind chill, cause evil into the body, make Ma Tie general injury worse."

海王满hAlthough Yang Wang admired sinology, just as qiang people, many things can't learn, if a han Chinese officials, I'm afraid not so straightforward inquiry.But these are some scattered, at least so far, there is no qiang people or clan request to attach.Rumble ~

This month, Is lyu3 bu4 since his rebirth, The most enjoyable month, Also harvest month, lyu3 bu4 fulfilled his promise, at the beginning of the migration, the performance of superior people, or for the magistrate, or for the county commandant, the worst, can also become county officials, more as a reserve of talent, was sent to marotta presided over the construction of changan academy, for further study, as long as can pass the academy's final assessment, after coming out, there will be a career."I have promised him the post of captain. Why, do you want me to break my word?" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at a way.Lyu3 bu4 faint smile, He had no intention of competing with these Qiang lads, After all, it's kind of bullying, But it's about the white water qiang attachment, if not what the first beauty, lyu3 bu4 also want to marry her back, even when a mascot in the future, this attitude must have, of course, beauty is better, don't say this age, even in the past life, a strong man with multiple women is not what angry things.海王满h




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