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火山蚰蜒|立正消痛贴The child just born is not so lovely actually, wrinkly and crumpled, at least lyu3 bu4 can't see have what distinction, however that pair of eye son is really bright of scare, well, have the wind of his Lao tze.Old herders have already not care a lot, this few days rare calm, driving the cattle and sheep found a piece of grass lush pastures, looked at has some thin cows and sheep crazy chewing grass, feel relieved, go on like this, should consider migrating to the Great Wall, there although thin, but at least not as scary as here."Feng had visited the qiang people in his early years, deeply understanding the qiang people's nature, at least bill and other people who only know what they are talking about!" Tian feng cold hummed a way.

Spear pierced the air, need through the rain, the huns joy in lyu3 bu4 left hands quickly is broken, after the first wave of a cluster of arrows rain, followed by dark ride array as a black torrent ruthlessly hit into the huns messy inside the camp, with the frequent tore heart crack lung of bellow and hysterical roar, YiPengPeng diffuse from the blood of the fog gradually dyed red earth.All three got up and walked towards the door.The ministry will look at zhang he resolute look, light sigh 1, shake head, leave.火山蚰蜒|Let alone chaotic times, even in peaceful times, there are many people who freeze to death every year. For many ordinary people, winter is a disaster season.

火山蚰蜒|"Be." Xiao qiao promised a sound, toward lu lingqi made a face, ran away, snow seems to become big, lu bu's mood, it seems to follow a wave."Fair enough." Lv bu nodded thoughtfully and said with a smile, "each tu is also a branch of the huns. First kill each tu, then save the yue family, then defeat the Wolf qiang and first zero, integrate the power of hetao in the west, and then deal with the huns."Take advantage of their position, Yang ding in the sima to prevent the signal, then removed the defense of the gates, let han meng led two thousand and Beijing rui into the city, and then the gates closed up, only to wait for the south to break the city guard, immediately changed the flag.

Li ru2 ni3 beard smile and say: "become or not, see a guli to burn to become how much loyalty, ma shoucheng's past experience warning in front, even earlier still have side chapter, north gong boyu, I have 70% assurance, burn to become qiang king meeting in plan, general can dare to bet with me?"Three hundred fighters, a title of generals in ancient times camp was wearing helmets and armor, armed with Tibet, tightly with behind lyu3 bu4, is a fan in turn opened, like a sharp awl, behind the camp of a title of generals in ancient times, is the three thousand moon people from riding, and then the tu, zero from a first, a huge populated on array, and darted in xiongnu people were these suicide cows destroyed by fire formation, quietly formed.Zhaoyun doubt saw pang tong one eye, some not quite clear this appearance some special man and lv lingqi is what relation after all, not quite like lv bu to send to assist the person, unluckily in weekdays quite a few crazy elegant demeanor.火山蚰蜒|




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