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北尺易|lw36-40.5"So it 's Tzu-yuan! Come on, please! No, I' ll get it myself!" Cao cao suddenly got up, surprised expression on his face, ran directly toward the camp, even without shoes.Kirby can not ignore the explanation, behind TaBaJi powder has a knife toward him, hurriedly break open MurongGui machete, a Mali hiding, with superb riding slipped to the side of the horse.Xu togeher stood up and said coldly, "I was sincere and congenial. It seems that the duke tsao didn't believe me. In that case, xu togeher quit."

"Where to?" Uighur when puzzled at lyu3 bu4."Gentlemen, I have received certain information that Qui-Tou has employed Temujin, and will deal with us in the future on his behalf." Kirby can sink.Feel the masculine breath, the woman felt that she had just recovered some strength and no longer, if not by lyu3 bu4 hug, even suddenly soft to fall to the ground, kitsch such as silk face, that can also feel before the noble and graceful spirit.北尺易|As for why kui head to kill his own brother, this kind of thing, in the prairie is too common, in order to khan, brother mutilation is very common, the huns tribe patriarch call hutch springs is not also killed at that time or ZuoXianWang brother in fu Luo, successfully ascended to the throne of the huns khan?

北尺易|...Temuzhen, is lyu3 bu4 to get an alias for himself, in order to avoid being recognized, lyu3 bu4 will party day painting ji and red rabbit and eagle, are left in the United States millet, only with the fixed sky bow out.An arrow rain fell, large slaves like mowing grass was ChengTou down the arrow cluster took away life.

Early the next morning, that is, TaBaJi powder agreed on the last day, step root gathered near the tribe of twenty thousand troops on a massive expedition.Looking at coss has retreated into the gate, wei yan suddenly laughed and said: "if cao cao's are such incompetent rats like you, or surrender to my master early, lest later be killed on the battlefield, for ancestors shame!""Here!"北尺易|




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