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食色者|茶酵母A line of people marching to the swift, walked eight days, in wuwei zhang liao for lyu3 bu4 meet thousands of west cold warrior, zhang liao this winter also not idle, the contradiction between qiang han, while the justice department made out of the articles of association, zhang took office already, also implemented quickly, but these things, if there is no force deterrence and repression, said on a mouth, it's no use, businessmen, qiang people is not fuel-efficient lamp, with zhang liao, carrot and stick, to really do things well, of course, the premise is whether the laws are enforced can really do it justice.Illusion?The scouts reported that by the time the huns came in full force, pound had completed the integration of his army, and he was not afraid to say that his fighting power had been greatly improved.

"It's getting late. Go back and rest." Lv bu supported sable cicada, looked at the sky.Unfortunately, the momentum gathered before has been interrupted by lu bu with fifty bison, now it is impossible to gather the momentum again, because lu bu has led his troops, like a sharp arrow into the xiongnu scattered formation.These cows were covered with eyes, body and tail is bound to a large number of straw, have also been pour kerosene, body is fixed with an iron fist at the same time, the back of a bull horizontal fixed with two Tibet, turneth the edge of a cold toward the front, look from the front, like the back of a bull gives birth to two slender wings, some neither fish nor fowl.食色者|"Who designed this camp? It seems to be simple, but it is quite a trick." Li ru looked at the camp in surprise.

食色者|"Say along while, this lamb leg all quick cool, quick, go to send to him past, don't let general say I Lao zhang neglect guest." Jun han shook his head, stuffed the leg of lamb into the boy's hand, stood up, staggered, humming a tune towards the road to come."All the fishing boats within thirty miles of this place have been turned in." Lieutenant general wry smile way: "general, we change another way to walk."Say that finish, in a group of hao shuai complex vision, li ru with the magnificent sea shi ran left, back to zhang liao dayin.

"Dare to ask the girl, why is miss lv here?" Zhaoyun looked doubtfully at Keats."Who knows, it was that man who told me that?" Aguri depressed pointed to the direction of zhang liao, god knows what these han nerve.Ha mu er see, cover wound, roar way: "kill!"食色者|




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