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白智英事件|财智丽Grassland population is withered, most of the time, for the surrender of the soldiers is quite tolerant, also caused these xianbei people rarely mass casualties, even if Kirby can intentionally introduce Chinese culture, but after all, there is not much sedimentation, after about a death of adult horses, the battle will gradually sink down, and finally eliminate.Are you dying?Zhang he smell speech frown way: "strategist, is there any way? Or we also sent people to harass them?"

"Great misfortune is coming! Great misfortune is coming!" Falling in to grant bitter shook his head: "master this battle, even to lose!"One before and one after, two stuffy sound, coss cry out in pain, but his left arm was Wei Yan an arrow shot, hate stared at Wei Yan, turned the horse head way: "Back to the city!"Cao Cao sighed and handed the letter to him. He shook his head and said, "Lyu3 bu4, you can't be careless at all!"白智英事件|Five thousand fighters don't love to fight, directly under the leadership of lyu3 bu4, rushed all the way from the south gate to the north gate, and then turn the horse's head, west charge again.

白智英事件|Cao Cao's face changed, and when he saw Xu Youliao's expression, he shook his head and smiled bitterly, knowing that his old friend had a good disposition. "If I had used your tricks at the beginning, the day of his defeat would not have been long!" He said with a wry smile."Master wait!" Trial with smell speech hurriedly came forward: "Although the note is suspected of desecrating the morale of the army, but he just discord with me and other political views, and no other intention, is still one-hearted to give priority to the public, master so kill note, who dare to give priority to the public in the future?""Well, I was wondering if Kirby could believe it. What now?" Muronggui hate hate way, but not too much care, because in this battle, the loss of the final Kexin tribe and tribe to jin, left outside the king's courtyard, basically the main force of the two sides and some of Kirby can, Murong tribe and Tuoba tribe basic no loss.

"Be careful, the beggars don't come well this time." Qui's head was heavy."No, there's still a lot of work to be done." Shaken his head, lyu3 bu4 motioned for the people to retreat, began to think about bing situation.白智英事件|





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