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旅客滞留华山山顶大家乐彩票机"Hmm?" Seibel waved, let his men defer the attack, turned his head and looked at the speeding wei yan, frown way: "general wei, why for jun intercession?""Mr Wen He smiled, this is a little girl, there is a han named Yang Xi, Xi Er, this Mr Wen He is the top of the han Chinese wise man, that year is to have him mention a point, just have me white water qiang today, also don't visit." Yang Wang laughed.Late at night, the torch burning in the barracks was gradually drenched in the rain, the whole barracks is dark, even guarding YuanMen soldiers, at the moment also don't know to hide in the corner to take shelter from the rain.

"Flying general indeed as expected, today is really let the next big eye-opener." Moon king and Hande came to lyu3 bu4, smiling compliments.Han sui came to the map, looked at the map and thought: "life Liang Xing department as soon as possible into the north county, north county won first, and then gather to wipe out d!"This, when it is the beginning of spring, the first rain, let the rain, will be washed away on their own body of bad luck.旅客滞留华山山顶"Well, all gone, Liang Xing in order to avoid being hunted down, when he left the camp still hanging sheep drum, even the trench, hay are afraid to take. Xiongkuohai excited way.

旅客滞留华山山顶Zhou Cang is covered in blood rushed in from outside the door, see lyu3 bu4 excited loudly roared."I have seen the general." Yang wang stood up, lyu3 bu4 line of a han Chinese etiquette."Then there 's Lowen' s worry." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech laughed, this is also a marotta wash white opportunity.

Although don't know why lyu3 bu4 don't stay in the shepherd slope and Korea hence decisive battle, but with men ran to compete with the huns, but the appearance of lyu3 bu4, or let liu leopard gave birth to a vigilance in the heart, especially in the following days, there is no trace of lyu3 bu4, fold let liu leopard more have a bad feeling."This..." Li Kan saw d at that time, almost turned around and ran, only think the earth crumbled, where also have time to tube these, for a while, period of aiai don't get a word.Lyu3 bu4 facial muscles twitched unnaturally twice, cold looking at his cheap daughter, stuffy hum a way: "Who let you come? Also will changan city remaining few cavalry are brought, who give you the courage!"旅客滞留华山山顶




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