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姫野ゆうり|中华大汉灸Thought of the day to cover himself, armorial bearing them still not refund He Man, tube hai suddenly feel some hair stuck in the throat, trying to raise head, look at an empty sky, took a deep breath, tube hai clap Rwanda's shoulder: "if you can get out alive, I'll send the tetrarch look to join a title of generals in ancient times, He Man brothers died, to replace his position by me, general, this seat to someone else.""Well!" Outside, huang zhong agrees 1, open a door, take liu qi to come in.

< / p > < p > a dozen night owl left a person for lu bu to guide the way, the others quickly disappeared into the mountains, to inform han DE troops.< / p > < p > they bow in accordance with the words to retire, not for a while, li shuxiang with four women pressure pang tong, under the leadership of jiang lost into the hall.Wei performance was brilliant, several times to confront, luoyang early can suppress coss, are all wei credit, the back to changan, even lu bu there is Wei Yanzhi serie a promotion, as for seibel, to tell the truth, the zhang liao, seibel have bad again continue to rise, this, seibel oneself also know that he and zhang liao, now already is in two flags, lyu3 bu4 under military commanders to rise again, I'm afraid I have to wait until lyu3 bu4 then further.姫野ゆうり|< / p > < p > see will be close to, zhaoyun and lv lingqi have been ready for the double battle of guan yu, but see guan yu a rein, let open the middle, a pair of danfeng eyes flashed a touch of cold indifference: "along this road, go straight, you can reach jiangxia, chasing soldiers I will help you back.

姫野ゆうり|Pinon also embrace new, concubines at home sleeping of time, was suddenly broke in the Biao ride who "please" and pinon who want to stop, but in the face of evil, wish immediately swallowed them slave soldiers, they lose the courage to start, can only helplessly looking at their adult so taken by a group of evil villain."What the devil is that? ?" With the rear infantry approaching, the front line of the cavalry patrol gradually dispersed, jingzhou army camp suddenly issued a cry of surprise, but saw the crowd, three carts, each cart is very large, to pull three cattle."After general huang zu heard about it, he sent someone to attack them. But this time they seemed to be very familiar with the jiangxia terrain, and they were cavalry, coming and going like the wind.

"Is the law yan going to retire?" Chang 'an, the hussar riding house, the council chamber, lv bu looked at the letter in his hand, puzzled to see Chen gong: "this matter, why didn't he come to me personally?""Although our huge crossbow was powerful, it was extremely difficult to add arrows. In the battle, the effect was not as terrible as it seemed. It would take half an hour before and after the battle. Pang tong laughed.Slow down, the trap still works, but at least it won't break the horse's leg. Meanwhile, an hussar and his guard quickly approached the chariot gate and quietly touched it.姫野ゆうり|




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