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加薪姐王一手黄药膏< / p > < p > xia houyuan side of the staff are mostly some jizhou scholars, the ability to say first, but knowledge is mostly good, at the moment from the hands of xia houyuan took the note, one eye is also a blank look.Unfortunately, it turns out, on the battlefield of shuddering, fencing role is very limited, Ma Zhan step and completely are two different things, battlefield fight with runescape malicious is opposite, under the environment of fair, he even the fencing sport cao wei Blackpool xu chu, but on horseback, he completely lost his place in fencing, for the first time on the battlefield was unfortunate injuries, also in the name of the history of xu has gradually become a history.If not want to use chess to simulate the world general situation, I am afraid he was also this old fox in the dark, lv bu sighed, clearly his spirit has arrived five stars, why still calculate but this old guy?

"General." Several aides into the account, looking at the complexion of the xia houyuan, hesitated for a moment, bow way: "lu thief army bolt strong, and the stockade protection, we can not see through the actual situation, for today's plan, hope to be able to lead the enemy out of the camp, in the field."Our thunderbolt may have a try!" < / p > < p > a staff suggested, xia houyuan smell speech eyes can not help but a bright, hurriedly sent out the thunder car, just not close to the thunder car, was out of the camp dozens of bolt shot into a pile of rotten wood, also took a few lives, to break the thunder car plan has not formally started the failure.Guan yu wen yan nodded silently.加薪姐"Alas ~" Yang fu knead knead temple, when the minister, the most don't want to tube is the Lord of domestic affairs, it happened that this matter pulled to the state, also happened to be pulled to him here.

加薪姐"Either you know it or you don't." Lyu3 bu4 cool way: "it's just, I heard that in jiangdong, some wasted, this world, is not so small," said saw to changan, I I will give you a better display to space, lujia is family, but rotten thing, will eventually be replaced, in fact, today, I am lyu3 bu4 compare to resolve the contradiction between the family and is by no means.""They said it was from paikche, and then they said something about the three han people. "Said menber with a wry smile."Twenty thousand? Cao cao narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at xia houyuan, saying, "wonderful talent, you have seen the tactics of lu bu's crossbow soldiers, so you will select a strong and strong army, organize a crossbow army of 20,000 men and train them."

"Bang bang bang ~""If jingzhou is now a military compound, we cannot sit idly by." Zhou yu closed his eyes and shook his head.加薪姐





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