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王祚轩|壮骨拔毒贴Zhang liao ignored the advance troops and watched coldly as the main force of cao's army began to approach.Lyu3 bu4 the rise of a truth taught liu bei, family is important, but also cannot ignore people, he can't go like lu bu for family, but this down estate must no longer points out, only to grasp in the hand, liu bei to actually control the heart, if the current points out, it can make family of centering, but later?After hearing the news, zhuge liang led Chen to xiangyang and zhang fei back to nanyang at night. At zhuge liang's suggestion, liu bei began to move the people of nanyang southward, and wan cheng was built into a military town.

"Since my husband is engaged, I have to leave." Big Joe quickly stood up, bowed to lv bu way, even now is no longer a slave as lv bu's vent tool, but the ceremony of the hussars riding mansion or to keep, the woman can not interfere in politics, this is the rules of the hussars riding mansion, even noble as liu yun, also not."Hey," he said. Zheng xuanwen couldn't help laughing and shaking his head, saying, "if you are one of the princes in the world, I am afraid that only the champion hou can afford to worship Lao fu. Unfortunately, he is getting old!""Lord, calm down! Xun yu stood up and bowed down to cao cao, saying, "lu bu's letter is obviously intended to provoke the Lord."王祚轩|Noon time chang 'an is absolutely the most busy time, the day traders from all over the world will be at this time of choosing a affordable restaurant solve the problem of their own lunch, chang 'an cuisine is famous the world, not only can find the world most comprehensive recipes, there is even a special food from the western regions and beyond regions, all rivers run into sea, also contributed to his city rich rich diet culture, every noon, chang 'an, every main street is often crowded.

王祚轩|"It's a pity that the fertile land of jingxiang should suffer from war!" Pang tong sighed with an ugly face. Since he chose to assist lv bu, he naturally did not want jingxiang to experience too much war. If he could peacefully surrender himself, it would be the best.< / p > < p > zheng xuan is seriously ill, even the divine doctor hua tuo are helpless shaking his head, basically is helpless, kneeling outside these people, may not be zheng xuan disciples, but for zheng xuan this great Confucian, but it is from the heart of respect, heard zheng xuan critically ill, spontaneous to send zheng xuan the last journey."Yes, yes! The stranger bowed humbly.

"Lord! Yang song was held in Yang ang's arms, stretch out his hand to pull zhang lu's sleeve, shibuya said: "the army without the heart of war, no fight, war together, the people what gu? Drop!""Commander, liu bei's army is fifty miles away from xiangyang. Zhang yun hurried to CAI MAO mansion, a face anxious look.Sometimes, lyu3 bu4 think also think that these two people together if use good in fact quite match, is bold and bold, dare to risk Lord, this chicken young already arrived some years under his own banner, since wolong has already come out of the mountain, also is time to let the chicken cry.王祚轩|




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