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爱情契约|ss燃脂排油套盒"Lu hussar is one of the most important princes in the world. How could he, for the sake of children, make such a fool of himself by encouraging all the officers and soldiers of the whole army to join him?" Gu shao disdains the cold hum 1."Yo ~" "yo ~""Useful information." Lv bu nodded, looking at the nighthawk: "let a person to live in the vicinity of the SARS riding house and no sense, this is the derelopment of the nighthawk, you know how to do."

< / p > < p > countless cao jun looked at the back of the ban, their hands away from the weapons, a few cao will follow in silence behind the ban.Following, is a piece of cao jun kneel down."Lord, your frost emissary and jiangdong emissary have gone beyond the south gate." An hussar riding battalion all came in and bowed to lv bu.爱情契约|"I count three, if don't lay down the weapon, all kill it!" Small school eyes flash a ferocious look, suddenly raised his arm, harsh voice way: "one!"

爱情契约|'but I want to kill people now, too! Cao cao threw his sword on the ground and roared angrily.CAI MAO's heavy breathing, he is unwilling, CAI's words are very right, but the tone of indifference, but as a thorn in his heart."This...... "After a moment's hesitation, Chen qun shook his head and said," if miss yinger is sick, please come back later.

"Bang bang bang ~"Lyu3 bu4 quietly eating the food on the table, looked at lu zheng, did not break son thinking, strike bow success let his son become a bright and cheerful disposition, generous, and have a certain ability, but lu bu has not wanted to let his son completely become a star, although some early, but he needs to let him to see ugly and cruel side of the world, as the son of lu bu, he can enjoy many special treatment, but also, from the day of birth, he is destined to bear a lot of things, no matter in ancient or modern, some law will not change.However, even if cao cao did, he would have to give up his current power. No matter whether he won or lost, cao cao would be the loser.爱情契约|




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