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川奈舞|宿迁企业名录Guan yu is watching the battle in the array, suddenly a tight heart, years of war honed out of the instinct let him subconsciously hide, only listen to sting a light ring, head a light, but is tassel helmet was shot down, if not he hide in time, this arrow, I'm afraid it will hit his head."Guan yu I an arrow, but I had done my best, the arrow can't hurt bones and muscles, can't give him a chance to recover, male seedlings, you hurry to urge tracing the cause of general, let him quickly sent troops to catch and kill guan yu, I'll take people out of the city challenge, frustrate jingzhou army spirit, call him not good again!" Tardif excitedly pulled HeQi way.Thirty thousand troops, finally follow guan yu escaped from the city is less than five hundred, qu'a city, tracing the cause quickly commanded the soldiers blockade the gate, trapped guan yu's military forces in the city, many jingzhou defenders saw guan yu escape, morale immediately fell, many people began to kneel down, please drop.

Xie yun roared, drawing his sword to the king.Guan Yu smell speech also did not refute, Maybe so, But Yin Lingcheng break not break he doesn't know, but if you insist for a while, his soldiers are to collapse, not morale, but physical strength, the more later, the greater the casualties, guan yu has felt an unusual, jiangdong army this is in exchange for time, but also to consume guan yu's spirit, prepare for the rhythm of the battle.But according to pound said the situation, this li yan obviously seriously study customs clearance, not only in the trenches, so that the guanzhong strong bow crossbow can not play, and then in the way of fire, let the elite shooting sound camp planted here.川奈舞|"I'm afraid I'll have to wait a few more days. After I break Deyang, I'll naturally have plenty of time to chat with Shih Yuan-chang!" Zhuge liang said with a smile.

川奈舞|"Men, meritorious service is today, with me to kill!" Tardif and zhou taihe soldiers, at the same time launched an attack on the city, before Xing Daorong arrangement of the line of defense was easily washed away."Nothing, then according to the meaning of winged virtue, dial you five thousand chosen men, go to drowning war, if you can break wei camp, then remember your first merit!" Zhuge liang shook his head, if can weaken each other's crossbow force, to zhang fei can, not necessarily lose to wei too much.The two looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

"Master, at the end of any case, please allow will play, cao cao military forces don't learn to water war, as long as you can back the guan yu, MAO jie's army, also dare not rashly across the river, so this war, must be quick!" Tardif a fuels, please life again."All right, so he won't worry." Lyu3 zheng smell speech, can't help nodding, the front of the war has begun to spread to the whole county these days, even around some counties are beginning to be affected by the fire, two people the chess has the trend of the greater, in order to let pang tong can at the front, chengdu news also really should let pang tong et al. Know, let them eat a reassurance pill."Yes." Somebody hurriedly told me the whole story.川奈舞|




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