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区块链概念股读职高学什么技术好Lyu3 bu4 is actually very hopes of a peaceful solution to the central plains, unify, is that for the central plains people, is definitely a great news, but now, the original idea or some take it for granted, lyu3 bu4 side while improving the position of vendors, but in warfare, but is still predominantly agricultural, and unable to unrest in its basic economic penetration way, in this case, to unify the central plains, in the end still can't avoid the first world war.Actually not Zang bully is too weak, as day by day camp lyu3 bu4 under one of the most elite five horses, every soldier is under a good soldier of lyu3 bu4 policy, level 1 level 1 selected, each is a elite, coupled with the guanzhong greatly improve weapon, these five years is five new weapon equipment, if she is zhang liao's military forces, although also elite, but the weapon armor couldn't keep up with, it is impossible to several batman will Zang bully such a war were killed, and five of any one of an ordinary soldier, in general in the army is also at least tuen long level, if on the governors, Mo said zang ba was a man like ma chao. Dozens of them came to fight with him. If they didn't have good weapons and armour, they would have to stop fighting.Guan yu wen yan nodded silently.

"The barbarians of the foreign countries have probably taken this place for a whoring house." Chen qun's face was cold and somewhat displeased. The emissaries of baiji were servile in the temple yesterday."Ha ha ha ha ~" kuai liang feeling the loss of life, but the corners of the mouth hang a smile, laughter is getting bigger and bigger, to the end of the crazy laugh, laughter, with a difficult to say desolate, after this battle, whether CAI or kuai home is a big wound, no longer the past heyday."Old husband ashamed." Zheng xuan shook his head and looked at lv bu, saying, "the old man has two clean hands in his whole life.区块链概念股Chen qun has never seen whether chang 'an has become more prosperous as lv bu said. However, according to the continuous news from guanzhong in the past three years, lv bu's wild words in the past have been realized.

区块链概念股Wei yan raised the broadsword in his hand, and all the men quickly raised the crossbow in his hand, pointing to the air with the movement of the flag.Yecheng ChengTou, gloom, shows that take up continuously, at the time of the next morning, the breadth to amount to 20 staff will whole yecheng is completely surrounded by strange camp Zhao De tried to catapult the city wants to just wooden cast camps to destroy a, so they break, continue to stay in the city, to die there is no difference, the tinkling sound in addition to the night in the camp is not stopped, have made the material from the external pull come in every day, the once weird camp looks just like a dish of snake, the entire yecheng to tighten.In the face of zhang fei and other famous for many years, cut will capture the flag, often in the chaotic army to take the head of the general of the top raptors, his martial arts is only some fire just.

Now zhang liao's purpose was clear: after besieging ye city, he would deliberately invite him to attack it, and then, with the help of his strange camps and powerful crossbows, consume cao's effective forces in jizhou."Boyan can probably guess what I'm going to say next." Lv bu smiled.区块链概念股




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