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强胜火源游戏|玉竹茶色素胶囊"General mighty!" Around the soldiers issued a cheer, wei yan but lightly relieved, the battle is not easy.After a day of trimming yesterday, now the huns left in the camp, most of them are some old, weak, women and children, when HanDe put them together, one by one looked at the han people, with a frightened look on his face, don't know what the han people will gather them to do, also no one dare to ask.Wei yan a face of black line.

"You... can't kill me!" Miu Shang tried to organize the wording, in the heart extremely regretful, at this time, also put on what posture, some begged to look at lyu3 bu4: "I am …""Good martial arts, now surrender, there is still time!" Wei yan and cao peng stalemate more than ten, see the overall situation has been decided, nature don't want to desperately with cao peng, a knife will cao peng's knife split, loudly way."Marten is so careless?" Lyu3 bu4 frown will stationery aside, looked at the giffin way: "d now alone difficult to support, and Taiwan in the name of the general mansion to mobilize seibel, zhang liao out of town north county do very well, let him do, should pay, priority supply, but there is a point to tell the public, must not be introduced into the guanzhong war."强胜火源游戏|"Here!" Han Deshun hand-copied a piece of mutton, put it in his mouth severely refused a few times, began to gather military forces, will collect the horses to all, with lyu3 bu4 a cry, chasing the escaped huns.

强胜火源游戏|"Prepare for war, tell the rubbish in front of me, roll to both sides, otherwise, the general will also kill candidates together." D cold hum 1, a wave of his hand, less than ten thousand soldiers behind quickly put on an offensive posture."Little general calm down!" Ezra Pound hurriedly advised: "Candidates, after all, is Korea hence's men, it is not our turn to manage, after all, it is between Cao Cao and lyu3 bu4 grudges, and we did not have much to do with this."

Lyu3 bu4 looked up and smiled at the people around him. "We only had twenty thousand qiang soldiers when we went on the march," he said. "Look at this now. Leaving aside the military forces and horses left behind to guard all over the country, our army is forty thousand strong. Why?" Is because we are constantly nibbling at the power of Korea hence to strengthen themselves, But now, Korea hence will force contraction in one place, not only increased our chances to continue to use this strategy to strengthen themselves, also want to continue to siege, the cost will be doubled, and Korea hence in wuwei, even if the city, as long as Korea hence not dead, we want to continue to integrate troops according to this way will be much harder. ""Wen-hsiang, how is our army recruiting today?" Seibel pinched his eyebrows, su rong asked.强胜火源游戏|




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