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莫斯科行动剧情|扬帆教育Zhang ren and others smell speech also don't know how to express their feelings, the moment they retreat, go to rectify the military forces, ready to fight with zhuge liang army in the future.YanYan injury is not too serious, but the old man, injury recovery to slow down a lot, zhang fei this time is rare not ridicule, after all, the guanzhong army crossbow, that is even his second brother have to lose the array.Then follow the soldiers ferociously rushed into the formation of jiangdong army, two pikes directly through the chest of a soldier, jingzhou soldiers who were stabbed through the body but not stop, with ferocious expression on his face, hard against the pike rushed to the front of each other, a knife chop off a jiangdong soldiers head to die.

Sound camp soldiers and mercenaries slowly retreat from the western regions, see a dry jingzhou generals qi qi qi relieved, the guanzhong elite combat effectiveness, is really strong, if not in this way, the front battle, even without the guanzhong strong bow crossbow, jingzhou soldiers also have no much chance of victory.The battle array of the Guanzhong Army was formed through several years of continuous training and practical training, some of them resemble Li Jing 's Six Flowers in the early Tang Dynasty, But different, li jing's six-flower array is based on cavalry, and guanzhong battle array may not be as subtle as six-flower array, is cavalry, infantry are appropriate, but does not represent invincible, the reason for dealing with jingzhou army can destroy, in addition to the quality of the soldiers themselves, in addition to the gap, the more important is weapons, armor, can win more."Tomorrow you take a brigade of elite soldiers secretly fell in port, if guan yu sent troops to retake the port, then rate army and general zhou tai attack guan yu, seize the opportunity to seize the city!" Tracing the cause commanded.莫斯科行动剧情|"It seems that neither you nor I can persuade anyone." Pang tong sighed, in the past, when the deer gate, two people often do academic debate, is who can't persuade each other, did not expect today, or so: "then the day down to determine the outcome, if the master of the other day broken xiangyang, I will ask master for your mercy."

莫斯科行动剧情|"Woo ~""What are you afraid of? There are only five hundred of them. Kill them!" A family general saw morale should be XiongKuoHai exclaim to pressure down, not great anger, drank hard, when the gun rushed to XiongKuoHai first, in this case, must break XiongKuoHai that morale suppression.The men in the first and second trenches, hearing the horn of retreat, hurried back to the rear trenches, while an altar of fire and oil tanks were continually thrown from behind into the first and second trenches.

About which king to choose to name, this should be etiquette, who knows YangFu found a few talented people with high reputation to discuss, finally also don't know how, to discuss his title of generals in ancient times hall."Oh ~" Ma Su directly uttered a sneer, to show his disdain.October 1, was not a special day, but in ma, but has an unusual significance, with the battlefront gradually close, he finally persuaded a number of wait-and-see shu family, although now these chengdu family hands do not hold real power, but contacts this kind of thing, can not be eliminated in a short period of time.莫斯科行动剧情|




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