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洛克王国安格在哪|福婷运动燃脂魅腿鞋People naturally will not increase, lu bu now, no troops to add chips for the battle, the huns will feel that the enemy more people, just because the attack is too frequent, ten thousand cavalry under the leadership of lu bu, continue to chisle through the huns, let them feel a lot of enemy illusion."Rhubarb crossbow, stand by!"It was a luxury for the people of these days to eat meat. Although lv bu had a plan to run a pasture, he did not plan to carry it out on the land of yongzhou. If he could occupy a large area of grassland in the future, he would carry out a pasture plan there to provide rich meat and enough horses for the central plains.

Front lu bu obviously also saw the flag here, the speed gradually slowed down, a moment, ma chao three people have appeared in front of lu bu, to lu bu.In the distance, a strong man dressed up as a family member ran in, hurried to the parade platform and said to han: "general han."Is this artisan made the first camp construction for people's livelihood, for lu bu, has great significance, with the successive lead time things made, artisan camp will no longer be lyu3 bu4 a swallow gold in the hands of a beast, not only can improve people's livelihood, more can be some practical things to sell, as a cash machine, and the human is also a kind of liberation.洛克王国安格在哪|, it seemed like plan for burn out qiang people, but in fact, marotta is secretly the differentiation of the qiang people, he came here, is naturally in the idea of chuan burn out qiang, but burn out qiang as the qiang people now one of the highest prestige and strength, its strength and even more than lyu3 bu4 horses added up to now, such a centaurs burn if when the old king was still alive, would be very serious impact on the governance of lu bu.

洛克王国安格在哪|However burn when Lao wang know the return of a guli is pleasantly surprised, yesterday heard that a guli was captured by the han army, burned when Lao wang but heartache, but a guli his most trusted general, did not expect, a guli unexpectedly came back, after getting the news, hurriedly let people will be a guli."By the way, take that pin with you, although it's not very brainy, but if you charge, you can use it in the future." "Lu lingqi ordered again.

Leng jun's voice, but showing a desolate and heroic, perhaps after today, the world will no longer white horse righteousness from, but white horse righteousness from the verve, but never lose.Chapter vii decisionSurrounded by the fire, although there are xiongnu people were engulfed by the flames, but xiongnu people issued a earth-shaking cheer, liu bao from the ground to climb up, open his hands, face to the sky, let the rain crackling hit in his face, loud cheers: "thank you changsheng day!洛克王国安格在哪|




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