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sesew|池州黄页大全'no! Before lu lingqi went on to talk about her grand plan, zhou cang said emphatically: "Chen GUI is now the history of xuzhou. Chen deng is also the governor of guangling. ?""Will... The army... "Stretcher, xiukuo sea has not completely coma, weak grasp zhang liao's hand:" quick rescue Mr. Wen worry...... "According to li ru's calculation, han sui had no way to retreat and no way to escape. Besides, how could 30,000 troops run? West side but there is xu rong, presumably now xu rong has been ordered to send troops to show the United States to block the return of han sui, can he run?

Changan academy, department horse with two dead broke into the collection pavilion, happening outside, seem to have nothing to do with jesson, CAI wenji still at the moment in detachment, write their own literature department horse suddenly into, wen-chi didn't have too much surprised, just glanced at the department horse anti light way: "adult, sima that is not a place for you.""You...... How can you go back on your word! ?" Pang tong looked at lu lingqi improbably and roared angrily, "do you know that I am a famous scholar of jingxiang and a member of lushan academy? How could I serve lv bu?"sesew|Tear heart crack lung of scream, liu bao complexion iron and green of looking at full ground roll, lost the soldier of an eye, nu scold a way: "good beast!"

sesew|"You are all the best soldiers I have selected from the whole yong liang, each one of you has been through hundreds of battles!" Lv bu looked at these people, slowly exhaled.When pharaoh burning hands kept an buckle his neck and gurgled blood come out from the fingers, incredible eyes stare forward, breathe hard, but all turn into bubbles, sucked in air along the blood from flowing out of thorax, ultimately not stretched out a hand, toward the front caught several, what seems to want to catch, but eventually fell in a weak voice down, magnificent body collapsed."The three generals have not recovered yet, so they will stay in the camp to rest. The general must capture han sui alive and hand him over to the three generals." Zhang liao shook his head.

"My niece doesn't blame me. You shouldn't have come back at this time." Sima fang pulls out his sword at his waist and looks at the unresponsive CAI yan. With a flash of fierce light in his eyes, he thrusts his sword into CAI yan's chest."General liao hua." < / p > < p > han DE sent a team of people to help find lv bu, and the city guard deputy liao hua attracted."Who is this man? Li ru raised his head and looked out of the hall in surprise. They did not want to take charge of lu lingqi's minor troubles.sesew|




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