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宁王冷妃|厚德蜂胶价格Although the king of the slaughter was killed and all his troops were taken back, lu bu's army was still only a thousand men. If we put all these people into the slaughter, we would not be able to exert our fighting power and might even drag our feet.Li ru's evaluation of pang tong is that he has a high IQ and a low eq. If such a person's ability is developed, he will be very impressive. However, if his eq is too low, he will be easily isolated wherever he is.Xiongnu slaughter, plus before the battle down, the west cool really cool, in this case, lv bu really have no idea to follow the burning when to play mouth gun, this person must not let him free in the rule of lu bu outside, there is such a qiang army, the next to lu bu the qiang plan is completely run counter to.

While speaking, it is a take off the bow, toward the baby eagle is an arrow, the arrow is like a meteor, and the timing is just right, it is the moment the baby eagle hovering in the air."But, as I said, you were only selected at first, and only three hundred men for the cavalry!" Lv bu looked at these men and said in a deep voice, "only the best soldiers are qualified to enter my hussar camp.Really have a lot of day, several challenges counterparts, fortunately, the west cool fighters are experienced battle, through this opportunity, quickly set up their own prestige, were the warriors in the zero, first, of course, there are several accepted the west is cool, pound had Israeli army under the rule of law, since made a promise, will also promote them up, not only have no effect on their own prestige, has won the first zero recognition, many status gradually stabilized.宁王冷妃|"Ha, if all the so-called characters are like the wise and virtuous scholars under the account of the marquis of gentleness, that pang would rather be a stupid man." Pang tong's calm and waveless face, with a hint of anger, sneered.

宁王冷妃|"Dead!" < / p > < p > Yang ding roar, brandishing a gun with a few pro-guards to kill up, his martial arts is not bad, is once alone led a general, to deal with a group of no leader into a time fell also killed the city guards constantly retreat."Somebody, send general gully out of camp." Zhang liao stood up, walked to the side of guli, patted his shoulder and said: "wait for me to say hello to general han, the day of success, zhang liao for his victory!"For a while, even if lu bu after countless battles out of the heart, breathing at this moment also become a little faster, unfortunately, the reward is random, if the reward in the spirit, lu bu will miss a chance to reach the peak.

Seems from after I came to this world, many things have accelerated the development of many, yuan destruction in advance, sun ce also died six months earlier, and liu bei, and marten Korea hence, such a change, for lu bu is good or bad, at least for now, the beginning of the battle of guandu, also let the world pay attention to the north of the mini-bosses, lyu3 bu4 big break the huns, beat han sui, seemed to have been forgotten, but also as a result, let lyu3 bu4 have peace of mind of the development of the time.Big Joe is not sure, lv bu has absolute deterrent force in chang 'an army, big Joe believes that as long as lv bu comes back, everything will be peaceful, just, where is he now?Although a battle, doesn't mean anything, lyu3 bu4 could not easily will his army of thirty thousand TuGuang, but it is a battle, but to those who have just joined lyu3 bu4 tu each, zero, wolves, qiang with confidence first, after the battle, these people will like the rouzhi roamed, no longer fear the power of huns, and after this defeat, huns also psychologically gives birth to a sense of defeat.宁王冷妃|




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