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磨砂玻璃雨皇家丽美内衣"Wing DE, stop! Zhuge liang's voice timely sounded from behind, interrupted zhang fei's momentum."But with the current situation, to break through the tiger prison, too difficult!" Xunyou shook his head, the truth is clear to everyone, but look at the state of the camp now, the soldiers have been tired of war, this is the cao army and guanzhong army the biggest difference, attitude to the war."Even if lu bu is defeated, jiangdong will not be able to make substantial profits." Lu xun sink voice way.

"Lord." Gao shun's face rarely shows a bit of a smile."General, our crossbows can't Pierce the other side's strange vehicle." The lieutenant smiled sadly."Crossbow fire at the enemy's rear, sword and shield, shield attack!" Seeing that close combat was inevitable, gao shun ordered crossbowmen to pour arrows into the enemy's rear array, and at the same time, two thousand sword and shield men quickly formed a small square of ten or eight men, did not fall back and began to advance toward the cao army's infantry square.磨砂玻璃雨Cao cao heard the words, the heart can not help but a burst of hair bitter, shake his head and sigh: "under lv bu's command, how many strong brave?"

磨砂玻璃雨"Father, shall we leave yizhou? The world is so big, why worry about having nowhere to go?" The son of king tired took part to cry, embrace king tired way."Boom -" war horse ruthlessly hit upon a shield, followed by shield hand arm gave a snap, the whole people is thrown directly, originally closely shield instantly appears a gouges where whole pieces were missing and xh man and like to go in, sword and shield soldiers want to share, will appear gouges where whole pieces were missing but around jun is already rushing in, shield array were suddenly break, the remaining several sword and shield hand suddenly be hold cubbyhole jun annihilation.Chapter 76 loyalty

Nobody know what milan to zhangsong, but it seems that this is not particularly happy, because milan is the black face, and leave in milan, after zhangsong also let a person from the entrance to the living room in cleaning the again, it is obvious that the two have the bye, for shu dynasty, nature is happy watching, but after this, as long as milan puppet, unwilling to do so darling family opposition from milan and shu have been predictable."No, he said he would call when his master came back. Western girl road."The guncamp?" Liu bei looked at shi guangyuan and cui zhouping nearby and frowned, saying, "I heard that there are five elite units under lv bu's command, and the shooting camp is one of them, which should not be underestimated."磨砂玻璃雨




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